।। श्री गुरु चरण कमलेभ्यो नम: ।। ॐ परम तत्वाय नारायणाय गुरुभ्यो नम: ।। ॐ ह्रिं मम प्राण देह रोम प्रतिरोम चैतन्य जाग्रय ह्रीं ॐ नम: || ॐ भुर्भुव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धिमही धियो योन: प्रच्योदयात|| गुरु वाणी: Such thoughts are missing in animals, birds and insects. Even gods and demons do not think thus. This is why humans are said to be the most unique in the universe. But if a human never thinks why he has been created by the Lord, what the goal of his life then he is no better than the animals.

Listen Guru Mantra


Wednesday, November 9

Mahalakshmi Sadhana Real Experience

Mahalakshmi Sadhana:

Significance of Wealth in life!
Goddess Mahalkashmi
I had reached an age where soon I had to burden the responsibilities of life. It is a sacred tradition in our family to seek the guidance and blessings of our revered Sadgurudev before launching my career. But a call to Jodhpur and I came to know that Sadgurudev was engaged in some Sadhana of his own and would not meet anybody for at least a few months.

Hence I had to begin my business without his blessings. I started off with great enthusiasm and courage. I had just about settled in business when problems started coming up. First I dealt them with courage but soon the onslaughts became so frequent that I started feeling helpless before them. Within a few months my business collapsed and I was filled with great disappointment so much so that I felt like giving up everything and running away.

One day without informing anybody I left for Jodhpur and reached Sadgurudev’s Ashram. But there I was told that he would emerge from Sadhana only after two months. I decided to stay there and share the work in the Ashram. The in-charge of the Ashram knew me well and he allowed me to do so. I even started wearing ochre robes meant for ascetics.

After two months Sadgurudev came out of his Sadhana room finally. He looked a bit lean. When his eyes fell on me a look of disappointment came on his features. But he did not say anything. The next day he called me and asked me why I was there. I was unable to relate my misadventures to him so he asked me to write them on a paper and give it to him. This I did and having read it he said,” I did not expect such cowardly behavior from you. You are deceiving yourself. Do you think by wearing ochre robes you shall be free from your family responsibilities? True, ascetic life is wonderful but it is not for escapists. You have to go back.”

He fell silent and then continued, “I know you are facing problems but there are solutions for them in Tantra. You shall have to accomplish Lakshmi Sadhana. Maybe you do not know but even the great Guru Shankaracharya had to accomplish Lakshmi Sadhana. Otherwise how would he have been able to establish four divine spiritual seats all-over the world? A real man never bows down before adversities. He attains victory over them through Sadhanas if need be.”

Later he made me accomplish a very special Mahalakshmi Sadhana. I returned home and restarted my business and within a year I had achieved amazing success. If today I am so wealthy, prosperous and happy it is due to that powerful ritual. With Sadgurudev’s permission I am revealing it here for benefit of others.

Start this ritual on a Wednesday. At night after 10 pm have a bath and wear clean red clothes. Make a mark with vermillion on the forehead. Sit on a red mat facing south. Cover a wooden seat with red cloth. In a plate draw a Swastik with saffron. On it place a Mahalakshmi Yantra. Light a ghee lamp. Offer vermillion, rice grains, rose petals on the Yantra. Offer prayers to Lord Ganapati chanting Om Gam Ganapataye Namah five times. Thereafter chant one round of Guru Mantra and pray to Guru for success. Then with a Kamalgatta rosary chant 51 rounds of following divine Mantra.

Mantra: Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Shreem Om Phat

ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं श्रीं ॐ फट्

Do this for two days. After that drop the rosary in a river or pond and place the Yantra in your worship place or your shop or business centre. Briefly worship it daily by lighting incense and chanting the above Mantra just 11 times.

Saturday, November 5

Rambha Apsara Sadhana रम्भा अप्सरा साधना

Rambha Apsara Sadhana (रम्भा अप्सरा साधना):
Rambha, The Celestial Nymph
Among all the celestial nymphs, Rambha is on the first position. Apsara Rambha is regarded as well mannered and etiquette. Rambha is the synonym of happiness, enthusiasm, beauty, joy, music and politeness. Only the Rambha Apsara Sadhana is a divine key to beauty, happiness, and youthful life and to attain the magnetic personality. The old man can also be rejuvenated and revitalized to youthfulness through the divine Rambha Apsara Sadhana. This is Saumya Sadhana.

Even Gods and Goddesses performed this divine Rambha Apsara Sadhana and Many Yogis and Rishis also have done this divine Sadhana, through which they attained completeness and high pleasure in their life. One must perform this ritual to achieve desired beauty and happiness in his/her life. Rambha is actually a collective form of whole nature and beauty in the universe. Apsara Rambha is capable to captivate the highest proficient Yogi and Rishi due to her beauty, mesmerizing eyes, thick black hair, soothing and polite voice.

Following are the advantages of Rambha Apsara Sadhana:
  • Sadhak attains highest pleasure, happiness and joy in his life. He achieves full success in other Sadhanas, and in materialistic world. He/she becomes mentally and physically strong.
  • On achieving Siddhi on Rambha Apsara Sadhana, Rambha be seated in the whole life of Sadhak as a shadow in every step in his/her life. She helps to fulfill every desire in his/her life.
  • Sadhak will get the magnetic personality. Anyone get hypnotized and attracted towards him/her.
  • There will be the end of ageing, diseases and ailments from the life of Sadhak.
  • The whole life of Sadhak becomes full of love, happiness. There could not be love, enthusiasms and happiness in one’s life if he has not performed Rambha Apsara Sadhana.

Sadhana Procedure:

Articles needed for Rambha Apsara Sadhana: 
  • Mantra Energized Rambhotkilan Yantra
  • Apsara Mala
  • Saundarya Gutika and
  • Saafalya Mudrika.
This is 27 days Sadhana and should be performed at night. This Sadhana can be started on any Full Moon night, on Friday.

Before performing Sadhana, take a bath and wear attractive cloths and sit on yellow mat facing east. Light a ghee lamp and place a steel plate in front. Then take rose petals on both hands and offer prayers to Rambha chanting thus.

||O Rambhe Aagachchh Purnna Youvan Samstute||

Chant this Mantra minimum 101 times and put each petal of Rose on the plate on each chanting. In this way cover the whole plate with the petals of rose and flowers.

Then place the Apsara Rosary on the mound of rose petals on the plate. And spray the natural perfume on your seat. Then place the Rambhotkilan Yantra on pink cloth and also place Saundarya Gutika and Saafalya Mudrika right and left of the Yantra respectively.

Then worship Sadgurudev and chant one round of Guru Mantra. Then worship the Yantra with rice grains colored with pink color chanting following Mantra.

Om Divyaayei Namah, Om Vaagishwaryei Namah, Om Saundarya Priyaayei Namah, Om Youvan Priyaayei Namah, Om Saubhagyadaayei Namah, Om Aarogya Pradaayei Namah, Om Praanpriyaayei Namah, Om Urjaswalaayei Namah, Om Devpriyaayei Namah, Om Aishwaryapradaayei Namah, Om Dhandaayei Rambhaayei Namah.

Then chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra with Apsara Rosary,

Mantra: Om Hreem Ram Rambhe! Aagachchha Aagyaam Paalaya Manovaanchhitam Dehi Ayeim Om Swahaa

ॐ ह्रीं रं रम्भे! आगच्छ आज्ञां पालय मनोवांछितं देही ऐं ॐ स्वाहा

Every day, perform this Sadhana praying Rambha Apsara and each day take two garland of rose. Wear one garland self and another on the Yantra.

During 27 days of this Sadhana, new and divine experiences will felt by the Sadhak. Most of the Sadhak has seen and experienced the divine form and appearance of Rambha.

After the accomplishment of this Sadhana, Sadhak should wear Mudrika on Anamika finger and rest of the articles should be dropped in the river or pond. This Sadhana is really effective and if done with full faith and devotion, whole desires will be fulfilled in no time.

Thursday, November 3

Sadhana Of Saturn/Shani Sadhana

Sadhana Of Saturn/Shani Sadhana:

Appeasing Lord Saturn!
Shani Yantra (Lord Saturn)
If there is anything that the knowers of astrology fear most it is the Dasa or the period of Saturn. And no wonder, for even if Saturn is a benefic in one’s horoscope, it does show some of its natural ill effects during its Dasa.

And if by chance it is a malefic in the horoscope then it could simply unbalance life and make one go through unimaginable and unforeseeable trials and tribulations during this nineteen year long period.

However it is not a lost condition altogether if you are currently running the Shani Dasa (Saturn Period).

There are so many popular ways to make Saturn favorable. Many believe that there is no cure for it. Others resort to rituals through priests which could or could not work. Some believe that wearing iron rings or stones or giving away black cloth and mustard oil on Saturdays could negate the effect. Not that these methods are futile but the best way to counter the fury of Saturn is a Sadhana as prescribed by our Rishis.

Through these Sadhanas devised by the great Yogis, who were master astrologers as well, one could not just nullify Saturn’s negative effect but also make it favorable so that it could give benefic results in its Dasa. And know it that once one has appeased Saturn then there is no looking back for the person in terms of success and fame earned.

Saturn also rules over professions like engineering, medicine, politics and army, explosives and industry. So any one related to these fields could also try this Saturn Sadhana (Shani Sadhana) for more success.

Presented here is wonderful Saturn Sadhana that has been tried with amazing results by Sadhaks over the ages. Lord Krishna himself made Arjun accomplish this Sadhana before the start of Mahabharat War and no wonder Arjun remained invincible in the battle.

Try this Sadhana on any Saturday. It has to be repeated on three consecutive Saturdays.

In the night of a Saturday after 10 pm have a bath and wear black clothes. Sit on a black mat or blanket facing the South.

Cover a wooden seat with a black cloth and, on it make a mound of black sesame seeds. On the mound place the Shani Yantra.

Then contemplate on the form of Lord Shani (Saturn) chanting the following verse,

Om Shanno Deveerabhishtaya Aapo Bhavantu Peetaye Shanyorabhistrabhavantu Nah

After this make a mark of saffron on the Yantra and light a mustard oil lamp. Then pray to Lord Saturn to free you of all obstacles, fears, problems, pains and afflictions. Then chant one round of Guru Mantra and pray to the Guru for success in the Sadhana.

Then with a black Hakeek Rosary chant eleven rounds of the following Mantra,

Mantra: Om Sham Shaneishcharaaya Namah

ॐ शं शनैश्चराय नम:

Repeat this Sadhana on three consecutive Saturday. Before Sadhana on each Saturday during the day give away black sesame seeds, black cloth, iron made objects and black lentils as gifts to a poor needy person.

After Sadhana drop the Sadhana articles in a river or pond. This is a very powerful and one of the best Sadhanas for appeasing Saturn and through it sure enough one could gain the blessings and benefic effects of Saturn and achieve remarkable success even during the Dasa of the naturally malefic planet.

Siddha Beesaa Yantra Ring सिद्ध बीसा यन्त्र

Siddha Beesaa Yantra Ring:

Just as syllables are important information of Mantras, similarly numbers play a very vital role in formation of some of the most powerful and efficacious Yantras, Just as Beej Mantras or syllables are related to some divine power.

The conjunction of these numbers leads to the formation of several Yantras which could help one in one’s life to overcome various problems.

These Yantras might appear very ordinary but their effect is unfailing. While other Sadhanas might appear tough and difficult to perform, through these Yantras one could achieve unbelievable success in no time.

Siddha Beesaa Yantra:

Beesaa means twenty. One might add along any line the total comes to twenty. This Yantra is famous not only among the followers of Sanatan Dharma but also among the Jains, Buddhists, Parsis, Sikhs and the Muslims.

This Yantra is very powerful and it helps not only in gaining of Yogic powers and true knowledge but also in fulfillment of desired goals and banishing obstacles from life. If a Sadhak draws a Beesaa Yantra and tries some Sadhana he sure succeeds in the ritual and the wish with which he tries gets fulfilled. All problems in life can be removed through the help of this Yantra.

Beesaa Yantra Sadhana:

For this Sadhana one needs a Peepal (holy fig) or betel leaf (Paan Leaf). Wash the leaf and wipe it dry. Then on its smoother surface draw the following Yantra with sandalwood paste or Ashtagandh. Then on it place the Beesaa Yantra in the form of an amulet.
Siddha Beesaa Yantra Mudrika
Light a ghee lamp and offer vermillion and rice grains on the Yantra. Then with a Vijaya Rosary chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra.

Mantra: Om Sam Ham Sarvabhadraaya Devaaya Om

ॐ सं हं सर्वभद्राय देवाय ॐ

Repeat this Sadhana for eight days daily. Each day use a new leaf. After the completion of the Sadhana drop the rosary in a river or pond. Wear the Yantra amulet or ring in a thread around the neck or in your finger, till your wish is fulfilled. Then drop the Yantra too in a river or pond.

Wednesday, November 2

Eka Sau Sittariyaa Yantra Ring/Mudrika/Amulet

Eka Sau Sittariyaa Yantra:

Just as syllables are important information of Mantras, similarly numbers play a very vital role in formation of some of the most powerful and efficacious Yantras, Just as Beej Mantras or syllables are related to some divine power.

The conjunction of these numbers leads to the formation of several Yantras which could help one in one’s life to overcome various problems.

These Yantras might appear very ordinary but their effect is unfailing. While other Sadhanas might appear tough and difficult to perform, through these Yantras one could achieve unbelievable success in no time.

Eka Sau Sittariyaa Yantra:

Eka Sau Sittariyaa Yantra
Eka Sau Sittariyaa Yantra means one hundred and seventy one. One might add along any line the total comes to one hundred and seventy one.

It is said about this Yantra that if any couple is childless or wishes for a child then this Yantra can prove effective in fulfilling their desire. This Yantra not just helps the couple beget a child but the child thus born is highly intelligent, virtuous and spiritual by nature. Due to the good fortune of the child the family too benefits in terms of gain of wealth, comforts and prosperity.

Eka Sau Sittariyaa Yantra Sadhana:

This Sadhana can be tried by the husband or the wife or both together. Draw the above Yantra with vermillion in a plate which is covered with turmeric paste.

In its centre place a flower. On it place the Eka Sau Sittariyaa Yantra in form of an amulet. Then with a Coral Rosary chant eleven rounds of the following Mantra,

Mantra: Om Hreem Suputram Dehi Dehi Om Shambhavaaya Namah

ॐ ह्रीं सुपुत्रं देही देही ॐ शम्भवाय नम:

Repeat this Sadhana for eight days daily. The Sadhana can be started on any day. After the Sadhana the wife should wear the Yantra around neck or on the arm. Drop the rosary in a river or pond.

Monday, October 31

Chhatisaa Yantra/Mudrika Win Over Enemies

Chhatisaa Yantra/Mudrika:

Just as syllables are important information of Mantras, similarly numbers play a very vital role in formation of some of the most powerful and efficacious Yantras, Just as Beej Mantras or syllables are related to some divine power.

The conjunction of these numbers leads to the formation of several Yantras which could help one in one’s life to overcome various problems.

These Yantras might appear very ordinary but their effect is unfailing. While other Sadhanas might appear tough and difficult to perform, through these Yantras one could achieve unbelievable success in no time.

Chhatisaa Yantra Ring or Mudrika:

Chhatisaa Chhatisaa Kyaa Kare Jagdeeshaa

||छत्तिसा छत्तिसा क्या करे जगदीशा||

This is a very famous saying in the Nath sect. it means that one who wears a Chhatisaa Yantra ring(छत्तिसा यन्त्र मुद्रिका); he cannot be harmed even by the Lord.

In this Yantra the total of every line is – Chhatish or thirty six (36). This Yantra can be worn in the form of a ring in the middle finger or in a thread around the neck.

Through this Yantra the Sadhak could overcome any foe however strong he might be. If one wears this Yantra to a court one is sure to win the case. In matters regarding friction with the state, business partners, Income Tax Department etc. this Yantra can solve your problems.

Chhatisaa Yantra Sadhana:

Draw the following Yantra with vermillion in a plate.
Amazing Chhatisaa Yantra (छत्तिसा यन्त्र मुद्रिका)

In its centre make a mound of black sesame seeds. On it place the Chhatisaa Yantra in the form of a ring (Mudrika) or an amulet. Then with a black Hakeek rosary chant five rounds of the following Mantra.

Mantra: Om Ayeim Shatru Vijayam Dehi Om Phat

ॐ ऐं शत्रु विजयं देही ॐ फट्

Repeat this Sadhana for seven days daily. The Sadhana can be started on any day. After the Sadhana wear the Yantra and drop the rosary in a river or pond.

Sunday, October 30

Amazing Pandrahiyaa Yantra Ring पन्ध्रहिया यन्त्र मुद्रिका

Pandrahiyaa Yantra Ring or Amulet:

Just as syllables are important information of Mantras, similarly numbers play a very vital role in formation of some of the most powerful and efficacious Yantras, Just as Beej Mantras or syllables are related to some divine power.

The conjunction of these numbers leads to the formation of several Yantras which could help one in one’s life to overcome various problems.

These Yantras might appear very ordinary but their effect is unfailing. While other Sadhanas might appear tough and difficult to perform, through these Yantras one could achieve unbelievable success in no time.

Pandrahiyaa Yantra (पन्ध्रहिया यन्त्र मुद्रिका):

Pandrah means fifteen. One might count along any line the total comes to fifteen in this Yantra. This Yantra is very powerful in pulling wealth. If the Yantra is wrapped in a cloth and tied to the main door of the house it leads to inflow of wealth. This also banishes diseases from the house and helps members remain healthy.
Presence of the Yantra in the house means end of quarrels and reign of peace and happiness. Wearing this Yantra (ring or amulet) or placing it in the worship place makes one progress in life. If a Sadhana is tried on this Yantra one could solve all one’s financial problems and become wealthy.

Pandrahiyaa Yantra Sadhana:

Draw the given Yantra on a white cotton cloth with vermillion. In the middle of this drawing place the Pandrahiyaa Yantra in the form of an amulet. Offer vermillion and rice grains on it.

Pandrahiyaa Yantra
Then taking rice grains in the right hand offer them on the Yantra 108 times chanting thus,

Om Mahaalakshmi Aagachh Aagachh Dhan Pradaayei Namah.

ॐ महालक्ष्मी आगच्छ आगच्छ धन प्रदायै नम:

Then light twelve ghee lamps before the Yantra signifying your wish that the Goddess Lakshmi might shower your house with wealth in all the twelve months.

Then with a red Hakeek rosary chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra –

Mantra: Om Ayeim Ayeim Shreem Shreem Lakshmee Aagachh Ayeim Ayeim Hreem Hreem Namah

ॐ ऐं ऐं श्रीं श्रीं लक्ष्मी आगच्छ ऐं ऐं ह्रीं ह्रीं नम:

Do this daily for three days. Then string the amulet in a thread and wear it round the neck or on your arm. It can also be hung from a nail in the house or placed in the worship place.

Monday, October 24

Saundarya Upasana Siddhi Sadhana Prayog

Saundarya Upasana Siddhi Sadhana Prayog:

Joy of Beauty!
Shree Krishna
Over a score of ancient spiritual treaties and texts make a fleeting reference to a unique ritual that could be suffixed to any Sadhana for assuring success in winning over the grace of gods and goddesses and the various deities. Yet in spite of its magnificent boons no text details its procedure.

However the Tantra branch believes not in keeping things under cover and several Tantra texts have revealed this much sought after Sadhana besides enumerating its numerous benefits. Six of the following have been unanimously accepted.
  • This ritual is an unfailing magnet to draw gods, goddesses and other divine beings. Any Sadhana preceded by Saundarya Upasana Prayog assures Darshan or manifestation of the concerned deity. This can in fact as a master key to all Siddhis – whether it is of Mahavidyas, malefic planets, ferocious deities like Bhairav or gentle ones like Ganapati, Lakshmi or Saraswati.
  • As in the spiritual realms this Sadhana proves equally wondrous in the mundane sphere. For one in love it comes as a miraculous means of achieving success in wooing one’s sweetheart. Winning over seen a stranger, allaying differences between lovers, revitalizing an old tepid relation, and cheering up a sulking partner are amazing results that can be worked through Saundarya Upasana Prayog.
  • The ritual can also act as a sweetener for soured marital relations. Marriages on the verge of collapse can be resuscitated and a wayward spouse can be brought back to the right track. Other family problems too can be solved as effectively e.g. steering one’s study-wise weak child on to the path of hard work, getting the right partner for one’s son or daughter etc.
  • As a banisher of ailments, evil, ill health and malefic effects of planets too the Sadhana is nonpareil. One could thus lead a more beautiful, happy and peaceful life through the benefic effect of this Prayog.
  • Beauty, grace, well balanced physique; magnetic looks are the next set of boons of this Sadhana. It works equally well for all sorts of beauty marring defects e.ge being overweight, under weight or having dry skin, life less hair, sparkles face and eyes etc. For beauty conscious males and females, Saundarya Upasana Prayog is truly out of the world boon.
  • Success in life ventures too could be assured by this Sadhana, for it bestows upon the Sadhak a unique magnetic personality that comes in equally handy whether one is a business man, lawyer, political leader, official, teacher or doctor. None is then able to resist one’s charms or deny any favor. Even enemies wilt like delicate flowers before one’s sun like powerful presence.

Each word of what these Tantra scriptures claim is true and their veracity has been proved time and again through the bewildering experiences of the Sadhaks and disciples to whom Revered Gurudev gifted this Sadhana and who have tried it with unwavering faith and devotion.

This is a simple day ritual. The best day for it is Ekadashi (eleventh day of the lunar month) and the most propitious time is 7 to 10 pm or 5 to 8 am. Several Tantras also prescribe the new moon night for this ritual. And experience tells that choosing this night proves just as efficacious.

If one’s aim behind the accomplishment of this Prayog is subsequent success in some other Sadhana then one should include the picture of the deity concerned in this Sadhana too. If, for example, you are doing this ritual for later success in Lakshmi Siddhi then do so with picture of Lakshmi before you. If aiming at winning the heart of someone keep the other’s picture before yourself. But remember that you should be serious about the relation i.e. you wish to marry the person concerned. If your intentions are not pure do not expect any result.

For the Sadhana have a bath and wear clean clothes. Women should wear a Saari and men should opt for Dhoti. Cover a wooden seat with red cloth. On it place a clean plate. With a paste of vermillion draw the following Yantra on it.

Saundarya Upasana Durlabh Yantra
सौन्दर्य उपासना दुर्लभ यन्त्र
Saundarya Upasana Durlabh Yantra
On this inscription place a Saundarya Upasana Durlabh Yantra. On the Yantra place a Vaijayanti Siddha Gutika. Light a ghee lamp. Take a pledge thus – I do this Sadhana for fulfillment of this wish (Speak the wish). Next chant 11 rounds of this Mantra with Saundarya Rosary (Mala).

Mantra: Om Ayeim Ayeim Saundarya Pratyaksha Vasham Sammohayam Phat.

।।ॐ ऐं ऐं सौन्दर्य प्रत्यक्ष वशं सम्मोहयं फट्।।

After Sadhana tie the Yantra, Gutika and rosary in the red cloth and throw them in a river or pond.

Sunday, October 23

Brahmastra Sadhana ब्रह्मास्त्र साधना

Brahmastra Sadhana (ब्रह्मास्त्र साधना): 

Most Powerful Divine Shield
Revered Gurudev in Lord Shiva Form
Om Ishaanah Sarvavidyanaamishwarah Sarvabhutaanaam Brahmaadhipatir Brahmannodhipatir Brahmaa Shivo Me Astu Sadaa Shivoham.

May Lord Shiva who is the Master of all divine sciences, Lord of all spirits, master of the Universe, possessor of Divine Powers and who is supreme known as Sachidanand always reside in my heart.

The Vedic Mantras call Lord Shiva as the Master of all beings. He is also called Adi Jagadguru or the First Spiritual Master. He is the only divine entity who is worshipped by everyone be it humans, gods, demons, Gandharvas or Kinnars or any other class of beings.

In each age all great men have worshipped Lord Shiva. Even Lord Krishna who is called Jagadguru or the Guru of the whole world worshipped Lord Shiva and acquired the Brahmastra from him which is an amazing divine shield that protects one and one’s family from all dangers and perils. Lord Krishna even said in Bhagavad Gita, “It is due to the blessings of Lord Shiva that I go about enchanting the world with my powers.”

In the era of Dwapar when Lord Krishna incarnated on the earth, sins and bad actions ruled the roost everywhere. All the Rishis, Yogis and humans prayed to Lord Krishna to save them from the demons. Heeding their fervent pleas Lord Krishna performed the Sadhana of Lord Shiva and acquired the most powerful weapons from him with which he was able to destroy the evil ones.

One of the most powerful Sadhanas of Lord Shiva performed by Lord Krishna was Brahmastra Sadhana. Yogi Veishravyanand, who is an ascetic disciple of Revered Sadgurudev Paramhans Swami Nikhileshwaranand, is in possession of a very ancient text on Tantra which also contains the same Brahmastra Sadhana once performed by Lord Krishna. He very kindly let us notes down the Sadhana from the fragile pages and we are producing the same here for the Sadhaks. By performing this Sadhana one could overcome the most staunch enemy and adverse situations and emerge victorious in all challenges of life. What more the powerful Mantra of this Sadhana is like an invincible shield that protects one from all dangers.

This Sadhana can be tried on any Monday. It should be tried in Brahma Muhurat (4 am to 6 am). Have a bath and wear yellow clothes. Cover yourself with Guru Chaadar (a special protective shawl).

Sit on a yellow mat facing the East. On the floor make a square platform with sand. Place eleven mustard oil lamps around the platform. The wicks of all lamps must face the platform. With vermillion write Om Namah Shivaaya on the platform. On it place the Brahmastra Yantra. Offer rice grains, vermillion and a sweet made from milk on the Yantra.

Pray to Lord Shiva, “O Lord Trayambak! Please protect me from all dangers and perils.” Worship the Siddhi Pradayak rosary with flowers, rice grains and vermillion and wear it around your neck. Chant one round of Guru Mantra and pray to the Guru for success in the Sadhana. Then chant this Mantra for fifteen minutes keeping your eyes constantly fixed on the Yantra.

Mantra: Om Hloum Gloum Hoom Brahmaastraaya Phat

।।ॐ ह्लौं ग्लौं हुं ब्रह्मास्त्राय फट्।।

After the Mantra chanting close your eyes and meditate for ten minutes without moving. Then again chant the above Mantra for 15 minutes keeping your eyes on the Yantra. Then chant one round of Guru Mantra. After the Sadhana tie the Yantra and rosary in a cloth and drop the bundle in a river or pond chanting the above Mantra 11 times. If tried with full faith and devotion the Sadhana helps one overcome all problems and saves one from all dangers and enemies.

Dhanvarshinni Lakshmi Sadhana Drive Away Poverty!

Dhanvarshinni Lakshmi Sadhana:

Drive Away Poverty!
Goddess Lakshmi
For leading a balanced life there should be a balance in Dharma (Righteousness), Artha (Wealth), Kaam (Pleasures) and Moksh (Freedom from attachments) in one’s life. This is the view of our ancient texts and Rishis. Nowhere have our ancestors emphasized a life of paucity and poverty. Wealth they say is most important whether one is leading a material life or a spiritual one.

Sometimes fate forces one to lead a life of poverty and mystery and sometimes it is one’s own view about money that deprives one of a good comfortable life. Then there are people who might try any worship but they fail to please the divine powers that rule over wealth.

Permanent prosperity is possible even if one’s planets suggest otherwise. But for that one needs to have determination and faith to try Sadhanas. Wealth does not mean only money but also house, food, fame and all comforts. If the Goddess of Lakshmi is appeased through powerful rituals She is compelled to grace the house of the Sadhak and bless him with all comforts in life.

Even the great Rishi Vishwamitra once had to face utter poverty but through a powerful Lakshmi Sadhana he went on to become the most prosperous Rishi so much so that kings used to come to him in time of need to seek monetary help.

Bhagawatpaad Shankaracharya has praised the following Lakshmi Sadhana sky high and he made all his householder disciples accomplish the ritual in order to make them well off.

This is the Dhanvarshinni Lakshmi Sadhana – a ritual of Dhanvarshinni, one of the most benevolent forms of Goddess Lakshmi, who literally makes wealth rain in one’s home.

On any Wednesday get up early in the morning at 4 am and have a bath. Wear fresh clothes. Sit facing East on a yellow mat. First of all chant four rounds of Guru Mantra.

Cover a wooden seat with white cloth, and on it place a steel plate. On it inscribe Jha with vermillion. Then take a Lakshmi Yantra and bathe it with water. Place it in the plate and offer rice grains, vermillion and flowers. Light a ghee lamp and incense.

Then take water in the right palm and speaking your name and surname pray to Goddess Lakshmi for success in the Sadhana.

The chant the following Mantra,

Braahmeem Cha Veishnnaveem Bhadraam Shadhbhujaam Cha Chaturmukheem. Trinetraam Khadag Trishool Padam Chakra Gadaa Dharaam. Peetaambar Dharaam Deveem Naanaalankaar Bhooshitaam. Tejah Punj Dhareem Shreshtthaam Dhyaayed Baal Kumaarreekaam.

Next with a Dhanaakshi Rosary chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra,

Mantra: Om Shreem Hreem Kleem Dhanvarshinni Lakshmeer-aagachh-aagachh Mam Grihe Tishtth Tishtth Swaahaa

।।ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं क्लीं धनवर्षिणी लक्ष्मीर्-आगच्छ-आगच्छ मम गृहे तीष्ट्ठ तीष्ट्ठ स्वाहा।।

After the Mantra chanting offer rice grains on the Yantra. Also offer flowers. Also chant one round of Guru Mantra once again. Let the Sadhana articles remain in place of worship for one month and then drop them in a river or pond. If tried with full devotion this Sadhana simply cannot fail is a real boon for everyone today.

Saturday, October 22

Shiva Khappar Sadhana Prayog शिव खप्पर साधना प्रयोग

Shiva Khappar Sadhana (शिव खप्पर साधना प्रयोग):

Revered Gurudev in Lord Shiva Swarup
Shiva Khappar Sadhana, which changed the life of Ravan. Ravan, being the son of Brahmin became most prosperous that he made the whole Lanka with gold, which is due to only one Sadhana called Shiva Khappar Sadhana. There is no another Shiva Bhakta and Mantra expert like Ravan, he gained this knowledge not through false-hood and deception, he gained it through the Sadhana and Guru Bhakti.

Wealth is very important in the life of human being. Wealth is needed before thousand years also and also before 25 thousand years. Vashisth, Vishwamitra, Atri, Kannaad, Pulastya, Ram, Krishna they were also in need of wealth. We cannot even step one inch without wealth or money.  So, life has only one objective to eradicate the poverty. It’s a objective of life to achieve not only wealth but Goddess Lakshmi also.

This is a very powerful and secret Sadhana which is provided by Lord Shiva to Ravan being happy through his devoted penance. The Mantra of this Sadhana is so divine that being birth in indigent family, he made the entire Lanka of Gold.

Well this is the Sadhana which is elucidated in the Ravan Sanhita a divine Grantha written by Ravan. The procedure of this Sadhana is provided by Ravered Gurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali to eradicate the poverty and poorness from one’s life.

This Sadhana can be started on any Saturday at night. The needed articles for this Sadhana are Svarna Khappar Yantra, Yantrokta Gutika and Rudresh Maalya. Wear fresh yellow clothes and sit on yellow mat. Place the yellow cloth on the wooden seat and make Ashta Dal Kamal on it by rice grains. Place the Svarna Khappar Yantra on it. On the right side of the Yantra place the Yantrokt Gutika. Place the picture of Lord Shiva and Sadgurudev Nikhileswaranand Maharaj. This is 11 day Sadhana where Sadhak should light a continuous ghee lamp for 11 days.

First of all meditate on Lord Ganapati chanting the following Mantra.

Muktaa – Gauram Mada-Gaja-Mukham Chandra Chudam Trinetram,
Hastaih Swiyairdadhatamaravindaamku Shau Ratna Kumbham|
Angkasthyaa Sarasij-Rupestad-Dhvajaalambi-Paannerdevyaa;
Yonau Vinihit-Karam Ratna-Maulim Bhajaamah||

Lord Ganapati, please remove the poverty and poorness from my life. Please settle in my home and make us prosperous and happy, so that I can achieve total victory in my life.

After this, pray the Lord Shiva chanting thus,

Bandhukaabham Trinetram Shashi-Shakala-Dharam
Smera Vaktram Vahantam,
Hastah Shulam Kapaalam
Varadamabhayadam Chaaru – Haasam Namaami|
Vaamoru – Stambhagaayaah
Kara – Tala – Vilasachchaaru – Raktotpalaayaah|
Haste Naashilashta – Deha
Manni-Maya-Vilasad-Bhushannaayaah Priyaayaah||

Then chant the following secret and divine Mantra with Rudresh Maalya.

Mantra: Om Shreem Hreem Hreem Svarnna Khappar Siddhim Kanakdhaaraa Hreem Hreem Shreem Om.

।।ॐ श्रीं ह्रीं ह्रीं स्वर्ण खप्पर सिद्धीं कनकधारा ह्रीं ह्रीं श्रीं ॐ।।

On the 12th day, drop all the articles in the river or pond.

The effect of this Sadhana can be felt from the first day. All the problems and ailments in life becomes destroyed. Favorable environment will be created. Friends and people start to help you and one will get his destiny very soon.

One can chant the Mantra everyday for 10 minutes by meditating on Lord Shiva after 11 days of Sadhana. One can feel and experience that he has got divine pearl through this Sadhana after 4 months.

Vasudhaa Lakshmi Sadhana वसुधा लक्ष्मी साधना

Vasudhaa Lakshmi Sadhana (वसुधा लक्ष्मी साधना):

Goddess Lakshmi
This is the divine Sadhana of Goddess Lakshmi which is important due to its efficacy. This Sadhana can be performed to get rid from the residential (house and land) problems and ailments. Vasudhaa Lakshmi is regarded as the goddess of Bhumi-Bhavan-Griha. So, this Vasudhaa Lakshmi Sadhana can be helpful to banish the problem related to home, family members and the land where the house is built.

On any Wednesday, wake up early at Brahma Muhurat (4 am-6 am). Sit on a yellow mat facing east. Place a plate before yourself and make a Swastik sign on the plate with vermillion. Place four betel nuts on the Swastik. Make a mound of rice grains on the centre of the Swastik and place the flowers on it. Next place the Vasudhaa Lakshmi Yantra which is specially energized by the divine Bhumi Siddhi Bhava Siddhi Praannschetanaa Mantra.

Then joining both hands meditate on Vasudhaa Lakshmi by chanting this divine Mantra.

Yaavachchadrashcha Suryyashch Yaavad Devaa Vasundharaa |
Taavanmam Grihe Devi Achalaa Susthiraa Bhava||1||
Yaavad Brahmadayo Devaamanubhujja Chaturdasha |
Taavanmam Griha Devi Achalaa Susthiraa Bhava||2||
Yaavat Taaraagannaakaashe Yaavad Indraadayomaraah|
Taavanmam Grihe Devi Achalaa Susthiraa Bhava||3||


Om Asya Shree Prithvi Mantrasya Vaaraaha Rishih Nibrichchhandah Vasudhaa Devataa, Sarvesta Siddhaye Jape Viniyogah|

After this, join your hands and speak out your wish praying Sadgurudev. Then pick up the four betel nuts in your left hand making a tight fist and chant 4 rounds of the following Mantra with Vasudhaa Saubhaagya Blue Hakeek Rosary with your right hand.

Mantra: Om Namo Bhagavatyai Dharannyai Dharannidhare Dhare Swaha.

||ॐ नमो भगवत्यै धरण्यै धरणीधरे धरे स्वाहा||

During Sadhana, Sadhak must grasp those four betel nuts with tight fist. After finishing the chanting of the Mantra put the rosary beside the Yantra. Then shift those four betel nuts on your right hand and making a tight fist, rotate your fist four times around your head and go to the four way junction outside your house and throw the betel nuts in four directions.

In this way, this Sadhana should be continued for four consecutive Wednesday. Each time Sadhak should make a new Swastik sign and get fresh betel nuts. After accomplishment of the Sadhana for four consecutive Wednesday, disperse the articles in river or pond. If done with full faith and devotion, this Sadhana is very effective and one can get rid of all the problems and ailments related to his house and land.

Friday, October 21

Important Lakshmi Tantra Prayog

Important Lakshmi Tantra Prayog:

Just Try and See!
Goddess of wealth Lakshmi
For Success in Business:

To be a successful and rich business magnate has always been your dream yet in spite of devoted and honest efforts the goal remains as distant as the horizon. More you run towards it farther it seem.

Whatever your problem may be-lack of finance, cut-throat competition or dishonest partners just try this marvelous ritual and see the result for yourself.

Early morning take a bath and get into clean clothes. Sit in the worship place. In a plate place Uttishtthaa. Offer vermillon and rice grains on it. Light a ghee lamp. Keep your eyes fixed on Uttishtthaa and chant the following Mantra continuously for 25 minutes.

Mantra: Om Hleem Purnna Saafalyam Om Phat Kuru Kuru

ॐ ह्लीं पूर्ण साफल्यं ॐ फट् कुरु कुरु

Do this regularly for 11 days at the same time. After that, leave Uttishtthaa in a temple.

For Good Health of Kid:

Worried on this account? Is frequent fever, cold or some other persistent ailment proving to be a bane for the health of your child? If yes, then don’t waste any time. Just try out the following quick acting remedy.

In a plate spread some red flowers. On them place a Gopal Dand. Offer vermillion and rice grains on the Dand and light a ghee lamp. Take water in your right palm and pledge that you are accomplishing this Sadhana for the health of your child (speak his/her name). Chant the following Mantra 25 times.

Mantra: Om Saum Manovaanchhitam Santaan Sukham Siddhaye Om.

ॐ सौं मनोवान्छीतं सन्तान सुखं सिद्धये ॐ

Repeat for 11 days. On 12th day throw the Dand in a river.

For Windfall Gains:

Wealth is the fuel of life and to earn it one tries every means. But many times even sincere efforts fail to help one win the favor of the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. If interested in sudden, legal gains (e.g. lottery or shares) this is the ritual for you.

On a Wednesday place a picture of Goddess Laxmi before yourself and pray to the Goddess. Then chant 11 rounds of this Mantra with Kamalgatta rosary.

Mantra: Om Hreem Hreem Ayeim Shreem Shreem Om.

ॐ ह्रीं ह्रीं ऐं श्रीं श्रीं ॐ

Do this for 9 days. If possible continue chanting 1 round daily even afterwards. If tried with full faith amazing results accrue and one gains money from unexpected source.

For Victory over Enemies:

Life is nothing but a confluence of good and bad. And when one’s stars are unfavorable, enemies spring up, enemy minds start working overtime, problems are created in one’s life and rumors are spread with an aim to mar one’s reputation. Retaliation could get one into further trouble; but there is a way out that is very easy as well as effective.

To pacify enemies and adversaries, light a holy fire and then make oblations of a mixture of black pepper seeds, yellow mustard seeds and black sesame seeds, chanting the following Mantra. Do this for 25 minutes.

Mantra: Om Bham Bheiravaaya Vijayam Dehi Om Phat.

ॐ भं भैरवाय विजयं देही ॐ फट्

And soon enough you shall feel all opposition whittling down. No Sadhana article is needed in this ritual.

Don’t Give Up Hope:

There are goals, to achieve which one puts at stake everything one has. Yet in spite of the best efforts one fails to make it. And then despair and frustration set in leaving one a physical and mental wreck. Besides mental peace one also loses one’s social standing and respect, and financial security.

Failure can be prevented and even a seemingly lost situation brought under control through this marvelous ritual.

Place a Sarva Kaarya Siddhi Gutika in a plate. Sit before it and chant the following Mantra 108 times.

Mantra: Om Hleem Kaarya Siddhim Hleem Om Phat.

ॐ ह्लीं कार्य सिद्धीं ह्लीं ॐ फट्

Repeat for 11 consecutive days. After the completion of the ritual throw the Gutika in a river or pond. This shall ensure success in any and every venture you undertake. This is a remarkable ritual that can help students, businessman, family man, actors, and politicians’ people from every walk of life.