।। श्री गुरु चरण कमलेभ्यो नम: ।। ॐ परम तत्वाय नारायणाय गुरुभ्यो नम: ।। ॐ ह्रिं मम प्राण देह रोम प्रतिरोम चैतन्य जाग्रय ह्रीं ॐ नम: || ॐ भुर्भुव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धिमही धियो योन: प्रच्योदयात|| गुरु वाणी: Such thoughts are missing in animals, birds and insects. Even gods and demons do not think thus. This is why humans are said to be the most unique in the universe. But if a human never thinks why he has been created by the Lord, what the goal of his life then he is no better than the animals.

Listen Guru Mantra


Friday, September 30

Sahasrara Chakra | Kundalini Shakti

Sahasrara Chakra | Kundalini Shakti:

Sahasrara Chakra located in Brahmarandhra
Sahasrara Chakra is located on the top of the head which is called Brahmarandhra, the abode of Lord Shiva (Supreme Being). Sahasrara Chakra is also termed as Dasham Dwaar of Brahmarandhra. The Spinal cord terminates at this point with thousand petals of Lotus giving a structure of Crown Chakra facing downward corresponds to the Absolute. The Deity of this Chakra is Parabrahma Parameshwar (Supreme God). This is a subtle centre in the brain. When kundalini reaches this point, Sadhak attains Samadhi or Superconsciousness.

Sadhak attains Brahmaanda when Kundalini reaches to Sahashrara Chakra. He gets the absolute bliss and pleasure by having the divine nectar from those thousand petals of Lotus. He achieves absolute peace in his life. Whatever he gets and does, all becomes divine and unparallel. He can build the matchless society and world. He can make a divine heaven in the earth with the Divine knowledge that he got from the Sahasrara Chakra. He can bless anyone to become immortal and he can be the immortal himself and can live for thousand years according to his wish.

Sadhak gets the entrance to the Divine place called Siddhashram where Param Pujya Sadgurudev Nikhileshwarand Maharaj is the Master of all the Sadhak and Shishyas. Only the enlightened being can enter into the Siddhashram. The Kaal cannot stands besides the Sadhak.

It is said in the Upanishad, “Mrityormaamritam Gamaya”, i.e. Travel towards immortality from death. It means the journey from Muladhara Chakra to Sahasrara Chakra (Kundalini Yatra), which is possible only through the instructions and the right path from the Sadgurudev because Sadguru is only the person who is Brahmamaya, who has already attains the absolute pleasures and bliss by awakening Kundalini Shakti, his Sahasrara Chakra has been already activated and have the divine knowledge to transform himself to the huge structure and smaller and smaller than the atom. If Sadhak gets these types of Siddhis then he is called as Naad because Brahma is called as Naad itself. The Sadhak is really fortunate who attains his divine Guru. That person is fortunate who strives for Kundalini Awakening and the person is called God-illumined who gets the totality in life after activating his Kundalini Shakti.

When the Kundalini Shakti unites itself with the Supreme Being (Lord Shiva), the Sadhak attains deep meditation during which he perceives infinite bliss. On activation of Sahasrara a very fine, elixir-like secretion is produced from it which permeates the whole body thus making the Sadhak forever free of all diseases and ailments, he is liberated from corporeal bondages and attachments and blessed with all kinds of divine attainments including 'Ashta Siddhi' and 'Nava Nidhi', He become emancipated from the cycles of birth and death and can envision any event going on anywhere in the universe without entering into Samadhi.
Crown Chakra

Thursday, September 29

Ajna Chakra | Kundalini Shakti

Ajna Chakra | Kundalini Shakti:
Aagya Chakra Mantra: Om
Aagya chakra or Ajna Chakra is the seat of the mind. Aagya or Ajna Chakra is also called as Third Eye. This is the Chakra where Ida, Pingala and Sushumna meet with each other and make a crossing point. This Chakra is located just opposite the mid spot between the two eyebrows in the Brahma Nadi enclosed by Vertebral Column. This chakra is visualized as snow white Chakra while meditation. Aagya Chakra is decorated with two huge petals of lotus. The two petals of lotus is the symbol of Prakriti and Purush. The beej Mantra of this Chakra is Om. This is the Chakra where Sati had sacrificed her life on meditating on it and she became the wife of Lord Shiva in second birth or life.

The main feature of this Chakra is that before the decades, human being was capable to see the activities and incidents from the miles of distance, but on the activation of Aagya Chakra he can interfere that incidents or accidents. It means Sadhak could only see the accidents happening in some place but when Aagya Chakra awakes, he can teleport to that place in a second and prevent the accident or he can rescue the victims from the accident. This is very important feature of Ajna Chakra. Sadhak can change the activities happening in the universe, he can alter anything happening in the world or universe.

Sadhak will able to change the life of anyone, he can provide the pleasures and bliss in anyone’s life, he will also be capable to curse and bless anyone. Sadhak can make the person king from the slum; he can make anybody great and fearless in his life.

This is possible only on the activation of Third Eye or Ajna Chakra, because he can achieve all the spiritual and mysterious knowledge from the universe. Activation of this Chakra is itself a proficient level in the life of Sadhak. This is the process of attaching himself to the Brahma.
Ajna or Aagya Chakra Anatomy
On the activation of Aagya Chakra, brings wondrous powers like clairvoyance, telepathy, power of giving curses or blessings, instant fulfillment of anything one wish, and gain of knowledge related to all subjects and sciences, power to control thoughts of others and interfere even in nature.

On the weakness of this Chakra, blockage of all the Nadis called Ida, Pingala and Sushumna, failure of concentration on one thing, unhappiness, loss of will power, several diseases, etc.

Friday, September 23

Vishuddha Chakra | Kundalini Shakti

Vishuddha Chakra (विशुद्ध चक्र) | Kundalini Shakti:
Vishuddha Chakra Mantra: Ham
Vishuddha Chakra is related to ether or Sky element. This chakra is located opposite to the throat region inside the Vertebral Column. This chakra is visualized as sky blue color in meditation. Vishuddha Chakra is decorated with sixteen petals of lotus and the beej mantra of this chakra is Ham. This Chakra is related with throat. Aakash or Sky is the God of this Chakra.

In this stage of Kundalini Jagaran, Sadhak should follow the instructions of capable Guru. Only the Shaktipaat from Sadgurudev can awake Visuddha Chakra due to which Kundalini Shakti rises upward. When Visuddha Chakra starts to activate, Goddess Saraswati sits on the throat of Sadhak and She down-pour the infinite blessings on him. He gets the knowledge from Samveda itself and Sholks starts to flow from his throat.

Hundreds and thousands of Upanishads get by hearted itself and there is need to memorize and study the books because on the awakening of Vishuddha Chakra, the Goddess of all Shaastras is being seated in the throat of Sadhak.

He can understand the soul and also Supreme Soul. The knowledge of entire Shaastras itself arrives in the life of Sadhak. Vishuddha Chakra cannot be awakening itself. It is possible only through the Shaktipaat of Sadgurudev. The big explosion occurs when Sadguru transfers His part of energy on the Sadhak and Kundalini Shakti gets heated and reaches to Vishuddha Chakra.

It is considered that only awakening of Vishuddha Chakra is proficient level and completeness because when this chakra awakes, Sadhak can make his body free or transform his body. Means he can transform his body size huge or small according to his wish. He can transform his body smaller than smaller and bigger than bigger on his wish. He can transform his body even height of 500 ft or even transform the body smaller than the atom, and he can visit entire universe transforming his body to the Atom.

The Lord Krishna was divided in to hundreds of forms and appearance which is possible only on the awakening of Vishuddha Chakra. So, awakening of Vishuddha Chakra is considered as important and highest level of process which is only possible through the Shaktipaat from Sadgurudev.

On the activation of Vishuddha chakra Sadhak will be free from all kinds of ailments related to throat and thyroid glands, gains Aakaash Gaman Siddhi, gains the power of eloquence, gains the power to die on his wish, gains knowledge from entire Upanishads and Shaastras etc.

On the weakness of Vishuddha Chakra one will be the victim of dangerous diseases like; Cancer, High blood pressure, tuberculosis, asthma, dumbness and deafness etc.

Tuesday, September 20

Anahata Chakra | Kundalini Shakti

Anahata Chakra (अनाहत चक्र) | Kundalini Shakti:

Anahata Chakra Mantra: Yam
Anahata Chakra is related to Air element. The relative location of this Chakra is just opposite to the Cardiac region (heart) inside the Vertebral Column. Anahat Chakra is visualized as Smoke Colored and it is decorated with 12 petals of Lotus. The Beej Mantra of Anahat Chakra is Yam. In Tantra Sadhana, Panchamkaar is worshipped by meditating on this Chakra during Kundalini Awakening Process, due to which Anahat Chakra starts to awake and stimulate.

Anahat literally means “No Noise” or “Peace of Mind”. Anahat Chakra is located in Heart region and heart is the main base of whole body. When Kundalini Shakti reaches at this Chakra, there is the establishment of pleasure and peace in whole body, there won’t exists any kind of worries and unhappiness. The most important thing is that when Kundalini Shakti reaches to this chakra, the way to the Universe will open and Sadhak will connect to the Universe. The whole life (either it is Past or Future) of Sadhak will be clear. Sadhak can see his past lives (Where he had born? Where was he in Past life? Who were his parents? How his life had ended?). Not only this, Sadhak can see even his past lives before 25 births, when he reaches to Anahat Chakra. Sadhak will gain the power to know the past and even he can see his future (Where will be his birth? Who will be his parent? Etc)

Lord Rama, before the end of His life, he had already known that his birth will be in the form of Lord Krishna after 2500 years. He had known through the Anahat Chakra that, after visitation of the whole universe when and where His birth will be taken place.

On the activation of Anahat Chakra, Sadhak can decide whether he wants to take birth or not.  He can even choose the special womb of mother. He can even take birth after 20 years or after 500 years or after 2 seconds, according to his wish. An ordinary person does not possess such ability to choose special womb.

He can see the Surya Lok, Chandra Lok and the radiance of divine knowledge disseminates in his life. The new mystery of the Universe will be clear in front of him. He can link or attach the divine knowledge of the universe within himself.

So, after awakening of Anahat Chakra, Sadhak can achieve different kinds of Siddhis and divine knowledges from the universe. When he closes the eyes, he can even read the thoughts and secrecies of anyone, he can reach anywhere (teleportation), he can see up to thousands miles of distance because Anahat Chakra is itself the way of infinite possibilities.

Advantages of activation of Anahat Chakra are; total freedom from tensions, teleportation, power to look past lives and future, power of hypnosis, entering into Samaadhi (a divine trance) increase in soft emotions like love, affection and kindness, riddance from problems related to heart, increase in will power etc.
Kundalini Naad Brahma
On the weakness of Anahat chakra one will be the victim of Cardiac diseases, suicide, mental weakness, failure in decision making capacity, moral downfall, destruction of will power etc.

Thursday, September 15

Manipura Chakra | Kundalini Shakti:

Manipura Chakra (मणिपुर चक्र) | Kundalini Shakti:
Manipura Chakra Mantra: Ram (रं)
The Manipura Chakra is the symbol of Fire or related to the Fire element. It is located just opposite to the navel region in the Vertebral Column. Manipur Chakra is visualized as Red in color and it is decorated with ten petals of lotus. The bij mantra of this red chakra is Ram (रं). In Shaastra, Manipur Chakra is also honored as The Lord Vishnu or Paalankartaa (पालनकर्ता).

Manipur Chakra has many salient features because it is located in the navel region and navel region is the region from where the new life is originated. When baby develops in the womb of mother, the baby is connected with the mother through the navel. When mother inhales, baby also inhales through the navel. So, navel or Manipur cannot be considered as ordinary thing. That’s why Manipur chakra is respected as Lord Vishnu, Srijankartaa. According to Shaastra, the bunch of Lotus originated from the navel of Lord Vishnu and the Lord Brahmaa originated from those lotuses. The awakening of this Manipur chakra is only possible through Pranayam and Bhastrika jointly.

In this stage only Bhastrika is not enough to awake Kundalini Shakti. A special process should be applied which Sadgurudev Paramhansa Swami Nikhileswaranand Maharaj can only provide us i.e. to connect the Pranayam and Bhastrika with each other mutually. This process of joining Bhastrika and Pranayam is highly secret. Only Sadgurudev can teach us how to connect or join them in right proportion through which Manipur chakra activates or stimulates itself. On the activation, the way of sacred bliss and pleasure is opened. Sadhak rapt within him and little meditation can reach him to the Subconscious mind. He will be free from the desires. Sexual desires will not attack him even he looks at the half-bared woman, because angle of his vision will be changed, his power of thinking is changed. Activating this Chakra is considered as a great Siddhi in Tantra.

Kundalini Shakti (Serpentine Power)
According to the Swami Ramakrishna Paramhansa, “Due to the sins and wrong deeds in the past lives, violent Lost and Anger persists in these two chakras (Swadhishthan and Manipur chakra), so, Kundalini Shakti could not be mobilized upward through those Chakras

Activation of Manipura chakra results in perfect digestion, riddance from ailments like lost and anger, kidney stones, diabetes, liver problems etc. Success in amazing Sadhanas like flying in the air (Vayu Gaman Siddhi), walking on water (Jal Gaman Siddhi), telepathic contact with animals and plants, perfection in Pranayam and the highest achievement in Meditation. Sadhak achieves the great power to grant the boon and curse upon.

On the weakness of Manipura Chakra, one will be the victim of indigestion, gas, headache and several diseases related to abdomen or stomach.

Sunday, September 11

Swadhishthana Chakra Kundalini Shakti

Swadhishthana Chakra | Kundalini Shakti:

Swadhishthana Chakra Mantra: Vam

The Semi lunar Swadhishthan Chakra is related to Water element. This Chakra is located in the vertebral column just opposite to the penial region. This Chakra is visualized as White Colored Lotus having six petals. The Bij Mantra of Swadhishthan Chakra is Vam. Sadhak should be careful while awakening Kundalini at this Chakra because Kundalini can be degraded at this stage. While inhaling and exhaling the breath rapidly for awakening Kundalini Shakti at Swasdhisthan Chakra, the senses become highly stimulated (increase in the sensual enjoyment or sensual desire (Sexual Desire)).

Sadhak should be very careful and increase his will power for Kundalini Jagaran at this stage. Swadhisthan Chakra contains only desires which may degrade the level of Kundalini Shakti. It is very important to upgrade the Kundalini power from this stage. So, for upgrading your spiritual and Kundalini Level Pranayam is very essential technique to be applied.

With the Pranayam, Sadhak should follow the three stages of breathing technique i.e. Purak, Kumbhak & Rechak. Purak means to inhale the breath; Kumbhak means to hold the breath at Swadhishthan Chakra, preventing the Kundalini Shakti from flowing downward and third one is Rechak means to exhale the breath slowly.

Pranayam is very important to do at this stage. It helps the Kundalini Shakti from degrading and it mobilizes in upward direction. When Kundalini mobilizes upward, Sadhak does not become stimulated due to sensual desires. Sexual desire disappears and the divine radiance and glow can be seen in the face of Sadhak.
If Sadhak’s complexion contains divine glow, radiance and energy, it can be confirmed that the Swadhishthan Chakra is being awakening.

Activation of Swadhishthan Chakra results in freedom from stomach ailments, Prostrate glands disorders, increase in sex power, and cure of sexual debility, increase in courage and fearlessness, magnetism and Sadhak will conquer over; Kaama, Krodha, Lobha & Moha.

On the weakness of this chakra, one will be the victim of Hernia, impotency, infertility, mental disorder etc.

Tuesday, September 6

Muladhar Chakra Kundalini Shakti

Kundalini ShaktiMuladhara Chakra (मुलाधार चक्र) Kundalini ShaktiRead about Kundalini Shakti (Serpentine Power) 1st.

Muladhar Chakra Mantra: Lam (लं)

Muladhar Chakra is the first gateway of Kundalini Shakti among the Seven Chakras. Muladhar Chakra is the main base of human life, either of male or female. Muladhar Chakra is related with Earth Element. It is located at the midpoint of Gudwaar (anus) and Linga (Penis). It is Yellow in color. This Yellow Chakra has four petals of Lotus (the meaning of 4 petals is: Gudaa, Linga, Naabhi & Hriday). The Beej Mantra of Muladhar Chakra is Lam (लं). This is the resting place of the Kundalini Shakti, which lies here as a snake having three and half coil.

The main element of Muladhar Chakra is Sperm or Beej. This element is explosive in two ways. First is the mobilization of the element to downwards which does not need the special process or exertion. When it mobilizes downwards then human being produces a similar offspring which does not possess special features in it. It is not unique process to produce offspring except due to the compulsion of human being. He acknowledges that, this is the real pleasure in the life.

Second is the mobilization of main element towards up which is the process of Kundalini Jagaran. So the process of mobilizing the main base or Mul-Aadhar towards upside is known as Muladhar. The main technique to activate Muladhar Chakra is Bhastrika, which is the process of inhaling and exhaling the breath with full force.

The main base of human life is breathe, when one stops breathing, Muladhar will terminated and when Muladhar terminates human life will be terminated. It means to activate Muladhar Chakra; one must know the respiratory techniques. Bhastrika Pranayam helps to activate dormant Muladhar Chakra because when we inhale the air with full force then the force of that air collides against Muladhar Chakra and it becomes active and sentient. So, Bhastrika Pranayam is best for mobilizing the Kundalini Shakti from Muladhara to Sahasrara.

Muladhar Chakra is the base of all Chakras so it is called as initial Tantra of Yoga to activate it. Activation of this results in riddance from tensions, true happiness, beauty, perfect health, physical strength & magnetic personality.

On the impureness of Muladhar Chakra one will be the victim of different kinds of diseases such as: Constipation, Blood Hemorrhage, Excretory diseases, Swapna dosh etc.

Sunday, September 4

Narsimha Sadhana turns human into lion

Narsingh Tantra Sadhana:

Lord Narsimha or Narsingh
Human psyche is well equipped to encounter the worst of catastrophes and emerge unscathed or battle scarred, yet triumphant in them. Thrown into a perilous situation suddenly, brings to the surface the most strong points in an individual thus enabling him or her to overcome the adversity with guts and gusto. However apprehension or fear of future trouble gives collywobbles to even the brave hearted.

Having been through a tragedy or trouble one pulls oneself together and focuses one’s attraction on improving things. However with continuous fear gnawing at one’s heart one has no time, no motivation to think positively. All one thinks of is how to fortress oneself from the future danger or problem or trouble. One might try all one can to disengage one’s mind from the subject, yet in such situations uncertainty and fear loom so large that one’s thoughts time and again tend to drift back to the problem.

In fact psychology experts believe that continuous and severe apprehension can completely destroy one’s peace of mind. It is in fact uncertainty that proves to be the biggest threat and it could rob one not just of one’s mental peace but also one’s physical health. The apprehension may be related to losing one’s job, one performance in some examination, decision in a court case or market trends if you deal in shares. Or making life hell for you could be a staunch enemy or a business adversary, who is keeping you on the tenterhooks as to what his next move would be. Whatever be the situation, and even psychologists would concur with this, the best thing would be to prepare oneself the best one could and then wait patiently for the decisive moment.

But remember it’s war – with Fate, adverse circumstances or a foe – and the ancient science of Sadhanas exhorts that one should be best equipped to meet the challenges of life. And when it is war time just being defensive is not enough, one has to be fiercely offensive leaving nothing to chance. Also one need not engage in days and weeks of planning and worrying. Instead one should analyze the situation with a rational approach and then focusing all one’s energy and will power wait for the right moment.

A lion does not plan or scheme when it hunts. The instant it sights its prey it launches into the attack. A similar approach to the problems of life makes a human Narsingh i.e. a lion among men. The demon Hiranyakashyap seemed virtually invincible having won through Tapa the boon that he would die neither in the day nor at night, neither at the hands of a human nor a beast, neither on earth nor in sky. Even the gods were at their wits end how to destroy him. However when the right moment came Lord Narayan lost no time in assuming a form that was half human and half lion and disemboweling the demon at dusk, having placed him on his lap.

All had apprehended the worst, yet at one stroke the Lord freed the world of the cruel demon’s tyranny. This Avatar of His is known as Narsingh or Narsimha, a divine being capable of performing even the most impossible and banishing the worst of fears and apprehensions. Today it’s common for an ordinary man to find himself in such situations from which there seems no respite. He goes on living but he is as good as dead, for constant fear of the unknown keeps giving him sleepless nights. It is also not uncommon for hidden enemies to hatch plots that could destroy one’s family life or business or entrap one in a court case, false criminal charges or unnecessary quarrel.

The best antidote to all such situations is the Narsingh Tantra Sadhana that helps build up undauntable confidence and unshakeable will power. It in fact prepares him for successfully combating worst of apprehensions or problems of the future. It is with Gurudev’s blessings that such a powerful and rare Narsingh Sadhana appears here for the Sadhaks to benefit from. Over the years I have seen hundreds of individuals, left completely hopeless, distraught and broken by the onslaught of adversities, miraculously, rediscover their lost will power and emerge triumphant in virtual battles of life and death.

As revered Gurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali had often elucidated – Narsingh Tantra Sadhana turns a human into a lion who lolls peacefully when all is calm around yet the moment he senses trouble with an ear shattering roar he is upon the enemy whether it is a problem, a foe or an adverse situation.

This amazing Narsimha Sadhana must be tried on Chaturdasi or 14th day of the bright/dark fortnights of the lunar month. After 10 pm, sit on a red mat facing west. In a steel plate, place a Narsimha or Narsingh Yantra and offer on it rice grains and vermillion. Light a ghee lamp filled with mustard oil. If you face a particular problem then write it down on a piece of paper and place it under the Narsingh Yantra. Next with a Narsinghi rosary (Narsinghi Mala) chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra.

Mantra: Om Nrim Nrisinghaay Shatru Bhuj Bal Videernnaay Namah

Don’t whisper the Mantra; speak it out as powerfully as if it were a lion roaring. A surge of energy through the body is a sure sign of success, so don’t panic if you feel extra heat in your body. Next day tie the paper, Yantra and rosary in a red cloth and throw the bundle in river or pond.

Jaya Gurudev!

Dhanada Yakshini Sadhana divine key to wealth

Dhanada Yakshini Sadhana any Wednesday:

Revered Sadurudev
Can you imagine the life without wealth? Sure the greedy craving for money has been criticized by all the ancient texts, but the same texts state that one should have enough to lead a happy contented life. The texts go on to state that poverty is the worst curse and wealth is a boon that makes life happier, comfortable and easier. Earning, lots of wealth in not enough. One should also have the inclination to spend it in a proper manner. If all one’s wealth goes waste in useless activities then wealth could prove to be more of a curse than a boon.

Everyone tries his or her best to acquire more and more wealth. But more important than acquiring wealth is making it flow continuously into one’s life or giving it permanence. Our Rishis prescribed that wealth should come from good means otherwise it goes waste in activities like gambling, womanishing and drinking. It is easy to take to the wrong path and try to earn as much as one can in a short time but such quickly acquired gains are never permanent.

One should be able to earn in a manner that the work that one does also satisfies the soul. One should feel an inner joy. And if you have a feeling of guilt then know it that you are not getting wealth from the right means.

True wealth means being able to get it from a proper source, spend it in a right manner for creative purposes and for beautifying life. If used correctly wealth could make life a paradise and bring to one true joy of living. The very ancient Sadhana of Dhanada Yakshini is a ritual that makes this very thing possible in one’s life. The ritual if tried with full faith makes new and righteous sources of wealth open up on their own and also bestows one with wisdom to spend the wealth in the right manner. This Dhanada Yakshini Sadhana is most effective and powerful Sadhana in this 21st Century also.

This Dhanada Yakshini Sadhana must be tried on a Wednesday. Early morning have a bath and wear red clothes. Sit on a red mat facing south. Cover a wooden seat with red cloth. On it place a picture of Sadgurudev Nikhileswarananda Maharaj and Lord Ganapati. Worship them by offering vermillion, red flowers and rice grains.

On a mound of rice grains in a plate place a Rati Priya Dhanada Yantra. Behind the Yantra or under it place the Kamdev Gutika. Then around the Rati Priya Dhanada Yantra place ten Lakshmi Saayujya Shakti Tantrokta Phals. Take water in the right palm and speak thus – I (speak your name) am performing this Dhanada Yakshini Sadhana for the fulfillment of my wish to have wealth in life and may Gurudev and Lord Ganapati bestow success on me.

Let the water flow into the floor. Offer rice grains and vermillion the Yantra and the two Phals. Light a ghee lamp and incense. Then chant one round of Guru Mantra. After this pray to the ten forms of Dhanada Lakshmi chanting thus. While chanting each Mantra, offer vermillion and rice grains on a Tantrokta Phal.

Om Lakshmyei Namah, Om Padmaayei Namah, Om Padmaalayaayei Namah, Om Shriyei Namah, Om Hari Priyaayei Namah, Om Taaraayei Namah, Om Kamalaayei Namah, Om Chanchalaayei Namah, Om Abjaayei Namah, Om Lolaayei Namah.

Thereafter chant five rounds of this Mantra with a Rakta Varnniya Rosary.

Mantra: Dham Shreem Hreem Rati Priye Swaahaa.

Do this daily for twenty one days. After the Sadhana drop the Tantrokta Phals, Yantra and rosary in a river or pond. This is a Sadhana that could bring about a wonderful transformation in your life and make you rich and prosperous beyond your imagination provided that it is done with full faith and devotion. This Sadhana is really amazing and effective in today’s age also.

Jaya Gurudev!

Saturday, September 3

Kuber Sadhana The Way To Prosperity

Kuber Sadhana The Way To Prosperity:
Kuber Yantra
Kuber is the lord of all wealth found on earth including hidden treasures in its depths. Sudden riches, gambling, lottery and other such sources of money making also come under his domain Lord Vishnu considers him to be the basis of all Lakshmi Sadhanas.

Pleased with his penance, Brahma had granted him extraordinary Siddhis, made him the Lord of entire riches in the world and presented him the mountain kingdom named Alkapuri, near Mt. Kailash.
In Purans, more stress is given on the importance of Kuber Sadhana, than Lakshmi Sadhanas. The three outstanding qualities of this Sadhana are as under:

1.       One is able to achieve Kuber’s blessings, thus becoming successful and wealthy in every respect.
2.       One can also achieve a great power known as Bhugarbh Siddhi which enables one to locate wealth and treasures hidden under the earth.

3.       One can gain Akshya Kosh Siddhi too i.e. one’s wealth goes on increasing even if spent lavishly. One is left astonished to see the surplus influx of money.

Experience of One Sadhak:

My father was very spiritual minded. After the death of my mother he became an ascetic. Though I was his only child he used to wander in the ranges of Himalayas.

Once he met an old ascetic, who helped him accomplish this Sadhana. He told my father that after that day he wouldn’t face any paucity in life. He also presented a small red bag to my father. It was extraordinary in itself as it could produce anything he desired, from it. He organized 32 feast in his life time and in each he served over a lakh ascetics. One would be left astonished to see a man clad in a loin cloth introducing all kinds of delicacies from the bag!

During his last few days he returned home. My father has achieved Bhugarbh Siddhi and through it he was able to help people locate hidden wealth and give them accurate details in this regard. He would even tell them about the depth at which the treasure was buried and the method to extract it.

He became very ill during the last period of his life. One day he explained to me about this Sadhana. It can be accomplished any time, however if done Amavasya (dark moon night) it produces best results.
I have personally experienced that there is no Sadhana greater that this one for gaining wealth. Therefore one must accomplish this Sadhana at the very first opportunity.

Bathe in the early morning and sit ( if possible with one’s wife ) facing the North on a Yellow mat. Then place a plate (except one made of iron or steel) before yourself and make a Swastik on it with saffron. Make a heap of rice grains on it, and place another small plate or bowl on the heap. Place the Kuber Yantra in it. Place four Mahalakshmi Phals around the Yantra. If possible also place picture of Kuber before yourself.

Next light a lamp of Ghee (clarified butter). There must be four wicks in the lamp. Then worship Lord Ganesh briefly, followed by Lakshmi. Pray to Lord Kuber with joined palms.

Manuj Baahya-Vimaanparisthitim Garud Ratan Nibham Nidhi Naaykam. Shiv-Sakhaa Mukutaadi-Vibhooshitam, Var-gade Daghatam Bhaj Tundilam.

After this take water in the right hand and let it flow onto the floor after reciting the following Mantra.

Om Asya Shri Kuber Mantrasya Vishrava Rishih Brihati Chhandhi, Kuberah Devataa, Akshya Nidhi Siddhaye Jape Viniyogah.

After this pray to the Rishi of the Sadhana.

Vishrava Rishaye Namah Shirshi; Brihati Chhand Se Namah Mukhe; Kuber Devataayei Namah Hridi; Akshaya Nidhi Siddhaye Jape Viniyogaaya Namah Sarwaange.

Next chant the following Mantras for purification of your body.

Om Yakshaaya Angushtthaabhyaam Namah Hridyaay Namah; Om Kuberaay Namah Tarjinibhyaam Swaahaa, Shirse Swaahaa, Om Veishravannaay Madhyamaabhyaam Vashat, Shikhaayei Vashat; Om Dhandhaanyaadhipataye Anaamikaabhyaam Hoom Kavachaay Hoom; Om Akshay Nidhi Samriddhim Me Kanishtthikaabhyaam Voushat Netratrayaay Voushat; Om Dehi Draapay Kartal Kar Prishtthaabhyaam Phat Astraay Phat.

After this recite eight rounds of this secret and extraordinary Kuber Mantra with a sanctified Sfatik Mala.

Mantra: Om Yakshaay Kuberaay Dhan Dhaanyaadhipataye Akshay Nidhi Samriddhim Me Dehi Daapay Swaahaa.

After this make 108 Aahutis (offerings) of Ghee in a small fire, while chanting the same Mantra. Then wear the Rosary and keep the Yantra and the four Mahalakshmi phals wrapped in yellow cloth in a locker or safe. If possible, offer food to a unmarried girl of a Brahmin. Thus this ritual is accomplished.

It is said that one who accomplishes this Sadhana on each Amavasya of a year, secures infinite, surplus wealth, riches and prosperity even for his future generations.

Kriyamaan Vijaya Sadhana Victory Ensured!

Kriyamaan Vijaya Sadhana for Victory Over Enemies:

Param Pujya Sadgurudev
It is a strange paradox that man who considers himself supreme among all beings is nothing but a slave to the circumstances. Instead of becoming capable of transforming things in his favor he easily gives in to the various pressures and adjusts himself to situations. And thus he becomes fated to lead an ordinary life that has nothing new in it. Most of his desires remain unfulfilled and he becomes nothing more than a straw that is carried away by the strong current against its will.

But if we go through human history we shall find that only those men and women have been honored and remembered who dared to stand up against challenges and who came out victorious even while struggling against all odds. Life means struggle and problems but the real pleasure is in overcoming the same and emerging triumphant in every ordeal that life has to offer.

No matter which field in life you choose problems are bound to emerge. These could be in the form of enemies, ailments, tough situations or obstacles in your work. Any of these could make one fill up with despair and fear leaving one incapable of making the right decisions or facing the challenges of life.

However if a person is replete with divine energy then he would never accept defeat any person or situation. He feels so filled with confidence and will power that he sees no adversities he keeps endeavoring to attain to victory over even the most dangerous or deals. It is only then that he is able to fulfill all his wishes and attain to true joy and a sense of fulfillment in life.

Presented here is a wondrous Sadhana that could help you achieve victory in every sphere in life. It is an ancient Sadhana once gifted to Lord Ram by his Guru Vishwamitra. When Ram was unable to defeat Ravan in spite of using the most powerful weapons he prayed to his Guru and sought guidance. Vishwamitra appeared and suggested that Lord Ram should try Kriyamaan Vijaya Sadhana after accomplishing which person becomes definitely victorious. Any person facing dangers, enemies, problems in life that seem insurmountable could try this Sadhana.

In the night of a Monday after 10 pm have a bath and wear red clothes. Sit facing South on a red mat. Cover a wooden seat with red cloth. Write down your problems on a piece of paper with red ink. First of all pray to the Guru and chant one round of Guru Mantra. Then light eleven mustard oil lamps on the wooden seat in a straight row. Before each lamp make a mound of black sesame seeds. One each mound place a Kriyamaan. Thus one needs eleven Kriyamaans.

On a separate mound of sesame place the Vijaya Yantra. Offer vermillion and rice grains on the Yantra. Then start chanting the main Mantra. One has to chant 11 rounds with Trailokya Vijay Rosary. Before each round pick up a Kriyamaan and speak out one of your problems. Keep it clutched in the left fist. Thus you can seek solution to 11 problems. The Mantra to be chanted is:

Mantra: Om Ayeing Hreeng Vijayaayei Hreeng Ayeing Phat.

After completion of one round, touch the Kriyamaan to the Yantra, then to the respective lamp and pray for the solution to that particular problem. Place the Kriyamaan on the respective mound. Do this each time you complete one round.

After Sadhana tie all the Kriyamaans, rosary and Yantra in a red cloth and drop the bundle in a river or pond the next day. Within a few days the results shall be obvious to you. In the future if you face any problem chant the Mantra 108 times before the picture of Param Pujya Sadgurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali.

Friday, September 2

Amritatva Sadhana Secret of Eternal Youth

Amritatva Sadhana, revitalizing the youth in you:

Revered Gurudev & Mataji
What actually is the definition of old age? Is it physical ageing or has it more to do with psychological effect that the passing years have on the human psyche?

No doubt after forty the body starts to grow slow but how about the mind? In many cases it is the remarks of others that make one aware of the increasing age, the wrinkles and the graying hair. But this is a natural process that everyone has to go through and it is quite inevitable. But why does it have to mar one’s working capacity, one’s thoughts and one’s power to plan and implement?

May be it is rare but one come across people of 70 to 80 who are more active than those in the twenties. Many of our famous international politicians and business persons are good examples. Churchill it is said led Britain out of the brink of defeat to victory when at the age of 80 he took over as the Prime Minister of UK. There are hundreds of such examples.

If we observe carefully we shall find that ageing is more of a psychological process. No sooner do the hair turn gray than people start nurturing the fear of ageing. Such fear, such thoughts only tend to make one grow listless. Slowly there creeps in a lack of enthusiasm in one’s actions and style of working and then true enough ageing has a toll on one’s body and mind.

Overeating and too much worrying also makes one prone to early signs of ageing and if one resorts to wine and drugs then the dusk of one’s life manifests rather quickly.

Today plastic surgery it is said can take care of your wrinkles. But what about the wrinkles in your mind that make your thinking befuddled and compel you to lead a mirthless, joyless existence?

And if we study our ancient texts we find that Rishis in the ancient times used to live to thousands of years. Are these claims false? How could they remain active and youthful for so long? What was the secret of their longevity and youthfulness?

The secret was Tantra. Through Sadhanas they could keep old age at bay for years and years. Even hundred years old Yogis could remain young and active. One of such Sadhanas is Amritatva Sadhana.
This Sadhana will not make your hair black or make your wrinkles vanish. But it sure fill you up with an enthusiasm for life and make a unique radiance glow on your face. It shall fill you with enough energy to work twenty hours a day without tiring or feeling bored.

Try this wonderful Sadhana on a moonless night. Have a bath and wear white cloths. Cover yourself with Guru Chaadar (Special Protective Shawl). Cover a wooden seat with white cloth and in a copper place a Amritaashan Yantra on it. Chant one round of Guru Mantra. Then offer vermillion, fresh white flowers and rice grains on the Yantra. Then light a ghee lamp and chant 75 rounds of the following Mantra with a Kayakalpa Rosary.

Mantra: Om Shreem Amritatvam Saadhaya Shreem Om Phat

After Sadhana for ten minutes pour water on the Yantra in the form of a thin stream all the while chanting the above Mantra. For this place the Yantra in a Shallow Vessel. Then chanting the Mantra further 21 times, offer 21 roses on the Yantra.

After this drink some of the water and with the rest have a bath. For five days let the Sadhana articles remain in your worship place at home. After five days, drop the Yantra and the rosary in a river or pond. You shall soon find a subtle transformation in yourself.

Indra Vaibhav Sadhana or Prayog

Real Story Of Sadhak Through Indra Vaibhav Sadhana:

God Indra
It is poverty and object impoverishment that greeted me as I entered into this world. With beautiful childish dreams floating before my eyes I would hope in my early years this false hope slowly faded away as I reluctantly realized that impecuniousness was there to stay in our house.

Early morning each day my father would leave to toil day long and return with flour in the evening just enough to temporarily douse the roaring fire in our – my mother and three kids – guts. Mother too washed dishes for other households for tidbits that would comprise our second meal.

As my perception towards life matured with age I often wondered if this was living. Attempts to seek some job would land me with nothing more than mean chores like car-washing or sweeping with no assurance of a payment. Most times blows and curses were all I got.

Then one day I realized I couldn’t take any more of such life and one night in spite of the emotional bond of kinship tugging at my heart I stole away from home. At the station I boarded a train without bothering where it was bound for. As I sat in a compartment words drifting from the next cabin caught my attention. A hearty conversation was on between two passengers from which I realized that the train was bound for Jodhpur. The talk centered on a spiritual Guru, who as appeared from their words could solve any problem in a person’s life.

For me this piece of information was like sun bursting out of dark clouds and I literally rushed to them to know more. The next morning when I landed at Jodhpur I made straight for the Guru’s home. Once face to face with Gurudev Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali I found him to be a simple looking man robed in a spotless white Dhoti Kurta. It was my first meeting yet deep down I felt as if I know him for ages.

Without hesitation I related my tale of woes to him. Having heard my part he kept silent for several moments and then said,” Stay here and work in the Ashram.” I was delighted at the offer and within a few months I found myself settling down to the Ashram routine. However whenever I was alone I could not help worrying about my family.

Months flew by and one day I was summoned in Gurudev’s presence. “Tell me about your family.” He said. “Don’t you remember them?” before I knew it I was sobbing inconsolably. When I had regained my composure he said “I never believe in mincing words. To tell you the truth, son the future holds no promise of a better life for your family.”

“But Gurudev all I ask for is two square meals for them. “I managed to blurt out; afraid I would burst into tears again. You can do something, can’t you?”

“Even luck can change,” he said,” and the selfless way in which you have worked in the Ashram won’t go waste. For your efforts I am now revealing an important Sadhana to you. “At the Ashram itself I accomplished the Sadhana and no sooner was it over than Gurudev bid me adieu. I was not certain where to go and headed for the station. There I ran into a family which too was returning home after a visit to Gurudev’s place. Their luggage was bulky and I offered to help. “Why did you leave the Ashram, “Asked the head of the family when we had settled down in a compartment.

“Gurudev now wants me to work outside. I don’t know what to do?”

“Would you like to accompany me?” he said taking me unaware. “I have a large business and could do with an honest hand.”

It was all happening due to Gurudev’s grace. They was real rich family. I joined their business and devoted my free time to educating myself. Much pleased with my honesty and dedication the rich man later helped me start a garment shop of my own and within a few years I had all one could dream of. Then came the day when I invited my family from back home to come and live with me. They had given me up for dead and their joy knew no bounds on seeing me not just alive but rich and prospering.

More than my honesty or dedication I know it is due to Gurudev’s blessings and power of Indra Vaibhav Sadhana or Prayog that I live in such affluence today.

One needs Indra Vaibhav Yantra and 21 Indrabhs for the ritual. It can be done on 13th day of any fortnight of the Lunar month. Early morning at 6 am have a bath and sit on a yellow mat facing South. Cover a wooden seat with a pink cloth. On it draw a pot/number with vermillion. On this place the Yantra and offer on it rice grains, vermillion, flowers, and incense and also light a ghee lamp. Next without keeping a count, chant thus for 60 minutes.

Mantra: Om Shriyam Shreem Vibhootyam Shreem Vei Namah

Next offer five red roses on the Yantra each time chanting the Mantra. Repeat this Sadhana after a fortnight. On the second fortnight light a holy fire and make oblations of 21 Indrabhs each time chanting the Mantra. After the ashes have cooled down tie them and the Yantra in the pink cloth and throw the bundle in a river.

Sadhana to See Your Past Lifes

The Sadhana To See Your Past Life:

Sadhana to peep the past life
The cause of all fortunes and misfortunes that one has in the present can be traced not just to past deeds but even to past lives. When a human is born he brings with him traits or Sanskars from the previous lives, and added to the traits of his parents these play a vital role in molding his personality. No wonder a human so often feels quite helpless when it comes to giving a certain desired direction to his life.

With the Karmas of past lives steering the course of events in the present life most of his wishes are frustrated – he is not able to get the right environment, he is not able to form deep bonds with those for whom he cares and he is not able to live life as he wishes to. As frustration slowly sets in he gives up all fight against these odds and takes to doing nothing much except bitterly cursing his fate.

Hopelessness follows failure in the case of most humans, yet this state is even more deplorable than losing the game every time, for no sooner does one give up the fight one is reduced to a virtual vegetable.
If only man today had the necessary clairvoyance it would become clear to him that the root cause of his misfortunes lies not in the present life or even his upbringing. If he had the power to look into the past lives he would have been illuminated as to why his best friend suddenly turned into a bitter enemy. Why his own wife was totally uncooperative or why his son was so recalcitrant?

In a common man these might be the outcome of some flaw in one’s personality, yet a Sadhak’s gaze which can peer deeper and well into previous births would easily pinpoint the real cause. You had ditched a close friend in a past incarnation and now he’s back as a callous spouse in this life to level the score. Your son in a past life was a neighbor whom you owed a large sum, and now in this life he’s your son, completely out of your control and preying on your wealth by being outrageously extravagant.

A very famous law of Physics states – For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This in fact is a universal law and past Karmic debts – both good and bad – are passed on from one birth to the next till they are fully cleared. That’s why you can feel fate being against you one moment and smiling the next.
But most of this Karmic play remains at the subconscious level and hence one remains blissfully ignorant of it. A Sadhak however strives to know about all his pending debts especially the bad ones and tries to repay them so that his future life could be free of tensions, worries and troubles. To be able to do so however one has to gain the paranormal ability to look back into time, a capability which can flower only through the means of a special method. And once this faculty is activated all events related to one’s past births start to drift past one’s eyes in splendid montage. Thus one can plan one’s future keeping in mind the almost unchangeable course of one’s life determined by one’s past Karmas.

Another interesting aspect of looking into past lives can be identifying what roles the relations in one’s present life had to play in the previous births. One can also know beforehand which new acquaintances one is going to make in the future and having established the past links with them one can relate accordingly with them. Thus one could be able to form deeper ties with friends and relatives and even win over one’s adversaries. There have been many cases when Sadhaks gained a lot by relating to relatives of past lives.
Following is a remarkable Sadhana to establish this subtle link, which never fails if tried sincerely and correctly. On any Thursday at night have a bath and get into clean clothes. Sit on a yellow mat facing Noeth. On a wooden seat covered with yellow cloth place a cooperative. In its place the Kundalini Yantra and worship it by offering vermillion, rice grains, and flowers on it. Next light a ghee lamp and fixing your gaze on the flame chant 21 rounds of the following Mantra with a Manas siddhi Rosary.

Mantra: Kleem Klom Hreem Hrom Ksham Phat

Do this daily till next Thursday. If one’s gaze on the flame is intent and Mantra chanting continuous, within first two or three days one is able to have a vision of one’s past life. Use the information obtained thus with care and certainly not to harm anyone’s interests. Wrong use shall definitely lead to waning of this power.
On completion of Sadhana next morning go and throw the Yantra in a river or pond. The rosary must be put around one’s neck.