।। श्री गुरु चरण कमलेभ्यो नम: ।। ॐ परम तत्वाय नारायणाय गुरुभ्यो नम: ।। ॐ ह्रिं मम प्राण देह रोम प्रतिरोम चैतन्य जाग्रय ह्रीं ॐ नम: || ॐ भुर्भुव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धिमही धियो योन: प्रच्योदयात|| गुरु वाणी: Such thoughts are missing in animals, birds and insects. Even gods and demons do not think thus. This is why humans are said to be the most unique in the universe. But if a human never thinks why he has been created by the Lord, what the goal of his life then he is no better than the animals.

Listen Guru Mantra


Thursday, July 28

Kaal Gyan Sadhana

Kaal Gyan Sadhana, Foresee Your Future Problems:

Who would not like to do so? How easy life would become once one could know what is in store in the near future!

Time has its own value and those who do not care to respect time are not respected by time. Fame and success fall to the share of those who know how to recognize the correct moment and make the best use of it.
But it is extremely difficult to be able to have the capability and few people do have the uncanny knack of choosing just the right moment.

But it would also be wrong to think that this capability cannot be acquired. Through a capable Guru one sure can gain this amazing power.

Both Lord Ram and Ravan had gained the same from their Guru Vishwamitra. Ravan misused the power and used it only for selfish game while Lord Ram used it for good ends.

When Ravan was about to die Lord Ram asked Lakshman to go and acquire the knowledge of Kaal Gyan (Science of recognizing value of moment) from Ravan.

Lakshman obeyed his brother and went to Ravan. Ravan explained to him the importance of each moment and to demonstrate the fact he asked Lakshman to bring seven leaves and a needle.

Lakshman did and waiting for the most propitious moment Ravan pierced the seven leaves placed one over the other. To his surprise Lakshman found that the top leaf had transformed into gold, second into silver, third into copper and so forth and last leaf remained as it was.

Ravan thus explained that even the hundredth fraction of a second has its importance. One can very well gain a similar power to distinguish the importance of each moment by performing the following ritual. It is a very powerful Sadhana that can simply change one’s life for then one could use the power to take decisions at the right moment and even avoid dangerous moments.

This is basically a Sadhana of Mahakaal, one of the forms of Lord Shiva and hence one should meditate on the divine form of the Lord when trying the Sadhana.

On the eighth day of the lunar month try this ritual late in the night. Have a bath and wear clothes which are white.

Then sit facing North on a white mat. Cover a wooden seat with a white cloth and on a mound of rice grains place Mahakaal Yantra.

On the right side of the Yantra place Mahakaal Gutikaa and then light a ghee lamp. Offer flowers and rice grains on the Gutikaa and Yantra.

Then chant 21 rounds of the following Mantra with Hakeek Rosary.


After Sadhana wear the Gutika in a thread around your neck. Then for 21 days chant one round of the Mantra daily in the night before the Yantra. Light a ghee lamp daily. After 22 days, drop the Yantra and rosary and also the Gutikaa in a river or pond.

Aghor Shiva Sadhana

Aghor Shiv Sadhana:

No one can possibly comprehend the great powers of lord shiva. To be able to do so one has to completely merge in the divine and pure form of the lord.Every form of Lord is supremely blissful and benign for the Sadhak. But to benefit from His grace one has to enter into the world of Sadhanas.

Aghor means the Science of Hatthyog through which the senses are bought under perfect control and the Kundalini Power is activated in order to have the divine glimpse of Lord Shiva. Through the Aghor form of Lord Shiva one can overcome even the most adverse situation in life.

It is quite famous among even the most accomplished Sadhaks that it is very difficult to obtain a Aghor Sadhana. One can obtain knowledge of hundreds of Sadhanas but to get information regarding this wonderful form of Sadhana is almost impossible. It is easier to find a needle in a haystack than come across an Aghor Sadhana in the world of Sadhanas.
This Sadhana is based on Tantra the pure science which is used to make the individual progress spiritually. And once this happens then one cannot just help oneself but also others to overcome their problems.
Generally no Guru is ready to give this sadhana because of the tremendous power instilled in it. So it is very difficult to obtain this particular ritual.
Another fact about this ritual is that it is very simple, easy and quick acting. This is why revered Sadgurudev very kindly revealed it for the benefit of the common man.
For the common man the ritual comes as a boon because living in this world one has to face so many problems and adversaries.
But after trying this Sadhana through the blessing of Lord shiva one is able to banish all fear from life. This is an eleven day Sadhana that must be started on Monday of the dark fortnight of Lunar month.

Try the sadhanas early morning between 4 and 6 am. Have a bath and wear fresh clothes red in color. Cover the wooden seat with a clean red cloth. In a copper plate, place a Mantra energized Aghor Shiva Yantra. Offer flowers, sandalwood paste and rice grains.
Light a ghee lamp. Near the Yantra place a Rudraksha and on it also offer flowers and sandalwood paste. Then chant the following verse praying to Lord Shiva for success and meditating on his divine form.

Dakshinnam Neel Jeemoot Prabham Sanhaar Kaarakam Vakrabhroo-Kutilam Ghoram Ghoraakhyam Tamarchayet

Next, with a Rudraksha rosary chant 21 rounds of the following Mantra.

Om Yang Rang Lang Vang Aghoraay Ghortaraay Namah

Do this daily for 11 days. Then wear the Rudraksha in a thread around the neck. Drop the Yantra and Rosary in a river or pond. Do the same with the Rudraksha after One month.

Wednesday, July 27

Kali Grants All Wishes

Mahakali Sadhana to Fulfill All Wishes:

Sadhana , is an easy way of making the flower of spiritualism blossom in our lives. But the sheer number of sadhanas could leave one in a fix when it comes to choosing. However making the right choice is not a problem for the Guru, for he knows well which ritual would act fastest.
Kalou Chandi Vinayako is an often repeated adage in the spiritual circles which means that in Kaliyug or the present age of gross materialism the sadhanas of Kali and Ganesh are the most rewarding. And all the texts, all Gurus, all Yogis unanimously accept that there can be no better Sadhana for both spiritual and material growth than that of Mahakali. She protects her devotees from all perils and propels them towards highest level of success.
Still there is people who harbor strange, baseless fears in respect of this kind and benevolent form of Mother Shakti. Many believe that even the slightest mistake in Sadhana could incur divine wrath in place of a boon. However nothing could farther from the truth.
In fact the great Guru Shankaracharya said of Her –

Kuputro Jaayet Kvachidapi Kumaataa Naa Bhavati.

In simple words it means that a devotee may well be a sinner, yet for the loving Mother he is as eligible for Her grace as Her pious children. She never discriminates and showers her kindness on all those who call out to her for help.

It has been the experience of Sadhaks and Yogis over the ages that enemies, pain, sorrows or diseases cannot harm a devotee of Mahakali. The life of such an individual remains brimming with joy, laughter, comforts and pleasures. He gets whatever he desires – wealth, fame, prosperity, vehicles, property, social status, position and even spiritual enlightenment.

Bhogam Cha Moksham Cha Karasth Ev, state the ancient texts, implying that the Goddess Mahakali bestows both material, and spiritual fulfillment on Her Sadhaks.

Following is a really powerful Sadhana of Mahakali that cannot fail to produce the desired result provided it is tried with full devotion and dedication. Thousands of Sadhaks are a witness to it that a Mantra or a Sadhana ever given by revered Gurudev proves really effective, and this too is one such ritual.
It can be tried on the eighth day of dark fortnight of a lunar month. At night after 10 p, have a bath and get into yellow clothes. Sit on a yellow mat facing south. Cover a wooden seat with red cloth. On it place Mahakali Yantra and light a ghee lamp. Next take water in right palm and chant Kreem, drink this water. Do so two times. Next chant thus:
Om Asya Mantrasya Bheirav Rishirushnnikchhando, Dakshin Kaalilaa Devataa, Hreem Beejam, Kreem Keelakam Purushaarth Chatushtaya Siddhyarthe Viniyogah.
Thereafter chant thus:

Om kraam Angushtthaabhyaam Namaha. Om Kreem Tarjaneebhyaam Swaahaa. Om Kroom Madhyamaabhyaam Vashat. Om kreim Anaamikaabhyaam Hoom. Om Kroum Kanishtthikaabhyaam Phat.

Next chanting thus propitiate Maakaali and offer flowers on the Yantra.

Kaali Devi Ihaavah Ihaavah Ih Tishtth Ih Tishtth Ih Ih Sannidhehi.

Meditate On the form of the Goddess chanting thus,

Sarvaah Shyaamaa Asikaraa Mundmaalaa Vibhooshitaah.
Kartari Vaamhasten Dhaaryantah Shuchismitaah.
Digambaraa Hasanmukhyah Swa-Swa Vaahan Bhooshitaah.

Next chant 51 rounds of this Mantra with Mahakali Rosary.

Om Kreem Kreem Mahaakaalyei Kreem Kreem Namah.

Next day drop the Yantra and Rosary in a river or pond.
Jaya Mahakali!

Mahaganapati Sadhana

Mahaganapati Sadhana Strike to Rich:

Who wouldn’t love, adore, revere and worship such a deity, for He takes away all of our troubles, problems, pains, afflictions and even poverty in life? There may exist a hundred different sects all over the world, yet when it comes to launching some venture all differences disappear as they choose first and foremost to supplicate to the dear Elephantgod, the loved Ganesh for His divine grace that would ensure success and fulfillment. No wonder an ancient text states:

Abheepsitaarth Siddharyatham Poojito Sab Suraasureih, Sarva Vighna Harastasmei Gannaadhipataye Namah.

The Lord Ganapati is the fulfiller of all wishes. His grace removes all obstacles and impediments. He is the Divine Purveyor of true knowledge, success in life, prosperity and all Spiritual Powers. And hence all Gods, humans and even demons bow to Him.

What more He has numerous forms and one may choose to worship any of them – the lord in a child Avatar having a weakness for Laddoos, the Lord in a furious form a virtual terror to enemies, the lord in a pleasant form ready to bestow all boons of life and so on.

Besides the many forms there are a variety of rituals some based on Mantras, some on Stotras and still others on Tantra. Though their efficaciousness cannot be doubted yet complex and lengthy procedures make them difficult, if not impossible, for an ordinary man of this world to accomplish.

However there is a form of the Lord that assimilates all benefits of His other Avatars and this Sadhana of His is so simple, so easy that even a child could achieve success in it effortlessly. This one day ritual would consume not more than two hours of one’s time, yet manifest amazing results that could virtually transform one’s life and ring in a new phase of prosperity, affluence and success.

Mahaganapati Sadhana is the wonderful rituals whose chief boon is riddance from generations of poverty. For a middle class family person this could be the golden opportunity of striking it rich, that he or she might have been looking for. To those acquainted with religious rituals this should not come as a surprise, for Ganapati worship has always formed an important part of Laxmi Sadhanas.

Actually Lord Ganapati’s blessings are capable of bestowing both Bhog (Worldly Pleasures) and Moksha (Spiritual Attainments) on an individual. Sadhana of Mahaganapati aims at neutralizing all sins and end evils of one’s past lives so as to make one eligible for enjoying wealth, prosperity and all pleasures in life to the fullest, thus paving the way for total fulfillment and ultimately spiritual elevation. Following benefits surely accrue through this Sadhana.
  1.  Debts and poverty can be forever forbidden from one’s life.
  2. Quick and speedy business takeoff can be assured.
  3. Sudden gains through speculations, inheritance etc. can be had. Other symbols of prosperity such as property, vehicles, fame, good job/position etc. can be easily acquired.
  4. Above all one could have the divine glimpse of the Lord Ganapati.

For a person of this age when doubts, fear, apprehension reign supreme these might appear to be tall claims, but proving their veracity are the experiences of thousands of sadhaks or revered Gurudev who have ever tried this sadhana with full faith. It is a pure good luck for the present generations that such a powerful ritual appears thus openly in this blog.

The best day for this ritual would be Ganesh Chaturthi or a Wednesday. Early morning have a bath and don yellow clothes. Sit on yellow mat facing East. Cover a wooden seat with yellow cloth. On it place a Paarad Ganapati in a plate. Pray to the Guru thus –

Guru Brahmaa Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwarah, Guru Saakshaat Parah-Brahma Tasmei Shree Gurave Namaha.

Next chanting Om Ganeshaaya Namah bathe the Paarad Ganpati with pure water, milk, curd, ghee, sugar, honey and water in this order. Wipe it dry and place it in a separate plate on which a Swastik Sign has been inscribed with vermillion paste.

Offer vermillion, unbroken rice grains, incense, Laddoos to the deity. Light a ghee lamp. Next make a mound of rice grains and on it place Mangaldaayikaa. Each time chanting Om Ganeshaaya Namah, offer 108 fragrant flowers on the Mangaldaayikaa. Then with a Yellow Hakeek Rosary Chant 21 rounds of this Mantra.
                                Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

After 3 days drop the Mangaldaayika and rosary in a river. Place the Paarad Ganapati in your worship place and light incense before it daily.

Ganapati Bappaa Morayaaaaaaaa!!!

Tuesday, July 26

Special Sadhana Of Tantra

Pujya Gurudev Narayan Dutt Shrimali
Special Sadhana Of Tantra:

Tantra scriptures teem with small and simple rituals packed with marvelous powers that can make life easier, smoother and free of troubles. The aim of all these Sadhanas invariably is to seek divine recourse so as to smoothly sail over hurdles of life. Culled from Neeli Pustak, a celebrated occult treatise, are these wonderful practices that might come in handy.

Reversing Fortunes:

If badly in need of a windfall, on a Wednesday night after 9 pm sit facing north. Place a Siyarsinghi in a small clay pot dyed with vermillion. Tie the pot in a red square piece of cloth. Place the bundle before self and picking up a Shankha Mala chant 21 rounds of the following Mantra.

Om Hreem Hreem Hreem Swarnaavati Mamgrahe Aagachh Aagachh Hreem Hreem Hreem Om Namaha.

Repeat for 3 nights. Third day take the Siyarsinghi, shut it in a small box and place it at home, office or business centre. Expect good news soon.
Sadhana Articles: 240/-

Securing Success:
Have you everything at stake in a crucial business deal or some other venture? To ensure success carry a Siddhi Chakra to the place of negotiation and drop it at the door before you enter. This is a ritual equally effective in competitive exams, law suits, interviews etc.
Sadhana Articles: 90/-


Eyebrows are often raised at such rituals, but such remedies that prove effective when a son, daughter or a dear close one is in the grip of some bad habit or company. It can also be used in win over a beloved, provided ones intentions are good. Wrong use won’t produce results, and may even backfire.
At night take a Ghunghchu Rosary and speak the name of the person you wish to bring under your command. Chant name 108 times turning the beads of the rosary. Thereafter go and throw the rosary in the South direction from your home in an unfrequented place. Soon the wayward family member shall become amenable to ones suggestions and orders.
Sadhana Articles: 150/-

Curb Expenses Thus:
Spending more than one earns is a straight road into the trap of debts. If caught in the snare, wrap a Moti Shankha and some rice grains in a yellow cloth. Place the bundle in your safe or worship place. This shall ensure thriftiness besides resulting in sudden monetary gains.
Sadhana Articles: 110/-

Leash Your Opponents:
Adversaries and enemies no doubt create a spirit of competition, but when it gets cutthroat or dangerous try this effective remedy. Bring some ash from the cremation ground. Put it in a small clay pot. Wind a blue thread eighteen times around a Tantrokta Nariyal and place it in the pot. Write the name of your bete noire on a piece of paper and put it in the pot too. Cover the pot with a lid and bury it two feet deep. This subdues the opponent and takes all the fight out of him or her.

Feel Virile and Strong:
If deteriorating health and constant feeling of weakness are taking a heavy toil of your happiness and peace,
try this.

On a Monday morning chanting the following mantra 51 times pour a thin stream of milk onto a Sfatik Shivalinga.

Om Namaha Shivaaya

Drink the milk and repeat again in the evening. Next tie the shivalinga on your arm or put it in your pocket and go to sleep. The next morning you shall wake up feeling much rejuvenated and in a few days your health shall return in normal.
Sadhana Articles: 210/=

Monday, July 25

Sammohan Sadhana, To become a Magnetic Persona

Krishna Sammohan sadhana for Magnetic Personality:

Personality is a strange word. None will debate the point that it is a strong personality that can take one to the highest echelon of success. But what does one mean by a strong personality?
Does it mean being six foot tall? Does it mean being handsome and physically attractive? Or does it mean being rich and affluent? Without doubt beauty, looks and wealth are forces to reckon with but it is also a fact that personality is something more than all these. Mahatma Gandhi was hardly five foot five inches tall and weighed not more than forty five Kgs and yet he had the British regime in India on its toes. Napoleon was a pygmy when compared with his generals and yet the authority that he commanded sent shivers through the bravest men.
Lord Krishna
So it is not necessary to be physically beautiful to possess a strong persona. Lord Krishna was said be dark complexioned and yet the magnetic attraction that one felt in his presence was something beyond this world.
To succeed in this world it is necessary to possess a magnetic and attractive persona. You might not be born with this virtue but through the power of Mantras you could instill a divinity in yourself that could make others feel overawed in your presence. The divinity energy in Mantras could instill a unique confidence and radiance in you making you star of every gathering and the centre of attraction everywhere.
Presented here is a Sadhana based on a very such Mantra that is powerful and unfailing. In fact this Sadhana was devised by Guru Sandeepan and given to Lord Krishna. It was by virtue of this Mantra that Lord Krishna was able to virtually hypnotize and influence everyone who came into his contact. Whatever field you are in, this Sadhana could come in handy for it could fill you with charm and magnetism and endow you with a divine persona that could not just steal young hearts but also overawed all and sundry.
In the night of a Friday after 10 pm. Have a bath and wear fresh yellow clothes. Sit facing North on a yellow worship mat. Cover a wooden seat with yellow worship mat. Cover a wooden seat with yellow cloth and on it in a copper plate place a Sammohan Vashikaran Yantra. Then worship the yantra with vermillion, rose petals and rice grains. Light a ghee lamp. There after chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra with Sammohan Rosary.

Om Sudarshanaaya Vidmahe Mahaajwaalaaya Dheemahi Tannashchakraha Prachodayaat.
ॐ शुदर्सनाय विद्महे महाज्वालाय धिमही तन्नसचक्र: प्रच्योदयात

This is a very powerful Sadhana and within three four days its effect would manifest and from the changing attitude of the people around, you could know that the Mantra is working its charm. Repeat this sadhana for six consecutive Fridays for best results.