।। श्री गुरु चरण कमलेभ्यो नम: ।। ॐ परम तत्वाय नारायणाय गुरुभ्यो नम: ।। ॐ ह्रिं मम प्राण देह रोम प्रतिरोम चैतन्य जाग्रय ह्रीं ॐ नम: || ॐ भुर्भुव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धिमही धियो योन: प्रच्योदयात|| गुरु वाणी: Such thoughts are missing in animals, birds and insects. Even gods and demons do not think thus. This is why humans are said to be the most unique in the universe. But if a human never thinks why he has been created by the Lord, what the goal of his life then he is no better than the animals.

Listen Guru Mantra


Monday, August 29

Kanakdhara Sadhana River Of Gold.

Kanakdhara Sadhana & Yantra Rahasya 

Kanakdhara Yantra Rahasya
If all ancient texts were to perish and just the secret Sadhana of Kanakdhara Yantra survived, it would be enough to make rivers of gold to flow in our lives and make us the richest and most prosperous nation. – Tantra Master Trijata Aghori.

Is it not an anomaly that poverty prevails in a country whose ancient knowledge promises limitless wealth and success through easy rituals? It sure appears surprising, but not when one peers into the minds of the masses and beholds the other disbelief and lack of faith and devotion that they nurture towards the science of Mantras and Sadhanas.

And hardly a few centuries back desperate men and women would seek audience of spiritual Gurus like Gorakhnath, in the hope of receiving some mantra or ritual that could end their troubles. Hardly a millennium has passed since the great Master of Tantra, Adi Shankaracharya tread the soil of nation doling out precious pieces of ancient knowledge to help the common man overcome adversities in life.

In fact, bound by the vows of ascetic life when one day Shankaracharya sought some food from a house all he got was sad tears and sighs of the lady of the house. On enquiry the Guru was appalled to hear that there was nothing to eat in that house except for a dry gooseberry, which the lady readily offered to him, not willing to turn away a Sanyaasi empty handed from her door.

Touched by her selflessness Shankar assumed a meditative posture at the very spot and propitiated Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth. The Goddess however expressed her helplessness saying, “This old woman’s bad Karmas from the past shalf never let her enjoy riches in this life.”

“But how can you be helpless Mother?’’ said Shankar. “Kindly suggest some way.”

The Goddess reflected upon the problem for a few moments and then said, “There is but one way. Establishing Kanakdhara Yantra in this home can sure reverse her ill fate.”

Guru Shankaracharya did just that and opened the doors to furtune for the impoverished family. So many avenues of earning opened up suddenly that it seemed that a river of gold had been diverted to the house.
The ritual could be effective even today, yet the preparation of the Yantra is not so easy. No less than 16 are its boons, namely wealth, rich foods, land, property and buildings, fame, longevity, high social status, vehicles, handsome spouse, children, state accolades, good health, joy, pleasures, trade success and total fulfillment.

Goddess Laxmi is worshipped through this Yantra and once appeased the diety banishes all traces of poverty from one’s life and endows one with riches and splendor. According to the ancient treatise Kanakdhara Yantra Rahasya this Yantra must be inscribed on a copper plate in special astrologically propitious moments known as the Sanjeevani Kaal. Only such a Yantra can. If placed at home, work place, shop or business centre, bring forth the above mentioned results.

Wednesday is the best day for permanently placing this wealth pulling Yantra in one’s home or office. This must be accompanied by the following ritual devised by Bhagawatpad Shankaracharya. Early in the morning have a bath and sit facing South on a white mat having donned white clothes. On a bed of roses place the Yantra and light a ghee lamp. Next offer unbroken rice grains, vermillion, flowers and sweet on the Yantra and chant thus.

Sarsij Nihalaye Saroj Haste Dhavad Tamaanshuk Gandh Maalya Shobhe, Bhagawati Hari Vallabhe Manogye Tribhuvan Bhooti Kari Praseed Mahyam.

Thereafter with a Laxmi Var Varad Rosary chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra.

Om Vam Shreem Vam Ayeim Hreem Shreem Kleem Kanakdhaaraayei Namah.

The Yantra itself is capable of drawing wealth but still better results are assured if the Sadhak chants the Mantra 11 times each morning before the Yantra. After the ritual place the Yantra in your home or office and drop the rosary in a river or pond.

Hanuman Sadhana For Strength.

Hanuman Sadhana For Strength:

There is a small village in coastal Andhra where a strange thing happened few years back. Everything was fine and cool before the advent of the deadly epidemic. All means had failed to put a check on the strange epidemic which had sent almost half the village to the other world since it had struck some three months back. Children were the easiest prey but adults too succumbed just as easily once it had them in its deathly grip.

Strangely neighboring villages seemed immune to the queer malady that had checkmated even the best medical succor. Much frustrated and angry the village folk had barred entry to all the doctors and it was surprising to see them welcome the young Sanyaasi so readily.

But on second thoughts it did not appear quite as odd, for empyrean effulgence radiated from the spiritual saint’s face. The hypnotic looks had them dumbstruck and when he politely asked for permission to stay there, the village headman lost no time in saying yes. “But” he added. “Our village has been plagued by a deadly diseases. So for your own good I suggest that you make the Hanuman Temple on the outskirts your home.”

A youth led the ascetic to the ancient shrine. As soon as he was there the Sanyaasi lit a holy fire and was soon immersed in a ritual. The youth stood motionless for about an hour listening to the Vedic incantations and then returned home with a new spark of hope ignited in his heart that there would be no further deaths in the village.
Yet he did not convey his hope to anybody. His own kid was in the jaws of death and having tended to it he went to the sleep. Cries of joy woke him up in the morning. It was his wife dancing with the child held high above her head. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes he looked at his son whose pale face had gained a glow of health overnight. He simply could not believe his eyes. “Baba”, cried the lad, “Hanuman ji gave me Darshan. He said soon I would be well and playing again.”

Tears of joy ran down the man’s face and suddenly he recalled the Sanyaasi who was staying at the temple. “It sure is his work.” He said to himself as he rushed out of his home. Outside the whole village seemed to be on the streets. Everybody’s face was lit with joy and the news was the same everywhere he went. The ill were recuperating fast and the shadow of death which loomed over them till the very last day was receding.

As he related his son’s divine experience and his opinion about the Sanyaasi, the air was rent with the chants of “Jaya Hanuman”. Soon a procession was on its way to the temple. There they found him deep in meditation. His dark long tresses hung loose over his shoulders as he sat calmly in the lotus position. A divine aura seemed to surround his entire form. Quietly the village folk sat down awaiting his return to the conscious state.

It was almost mid day when he finally opened his eyes, yet in his divine presence one felt as if only a few moments had passed. Even before anyone could begin the thanks giving he spoke, “Your village is safe now, with Gurudev Paramhans Swami Nikhileswarananda’s grace I was able to propitiate Lord Hanuman and he blessed to ever protect this place in the future.”

The youth who had guided the Yogi to the temple was much influenced by the power of Sadhanas and he requested the Sadhu to reveal the ritual to him, which the kind Yogi readily did.

A simpler yet quite as effective form of that powerful Tantra Sadhana is being revealed here. It must be started only on a Tuesday after 10 pm. Have a bath and get into red robes. Cover a wooden seat with cloth. On it sprinkle some vermillion. In the centre place Hanuman Yantra. Sit on a red mat in Veerasan, i.e. as Muslims sit for prayers, facing south. Pray to the Guru for success. Light a ghee lamp. Bathe the Yantra with water. Wipe it dry and put a mark of vermillion on it. Put a similar mark on your forehead. Offer a red flower and fruit on the Yantra. Next with a Red Coral Rosary (Laal Mugaa Mala), chant 21 rounds of this Mantra.

Mantra: Om Namo Bhagwade Aanjaneyaaya Mahaabalaaya Hanumate Namah

After Sadhana, go to sleep at the very spot. Do this daily for 11 days. Eat the fruit offered you. This Sadhana wins the grace of the Lord for the Sadhak and his family members. Once concluded successfully the Lord protects one from all the dangers, diseases and misfortunes in the future. It is necessary to maintain celibacy during these 11 days.

Friday, August 26

Call Param Pujya Sadgurudev Before Sadhana.

Aawahayaami (आवाहयामी) Invite Sadgurudev:

It is very important to invite Param Pujya Sadgurudev Nikhileswaranand Maharaj Before doing any kind of Sadhana, Rituals, Mantra Jaap & Guru Aarti. So, here is a divine scripts to call or invite Sadgurudev which makes tear flow from the eyes. Jaya Gurudev!

Listen the Audio Clip of Aawahayami Aawahayami too.

आवाहयामी आवाहयामी, 
आवाहयामी आवाहयामी।। 

दिर्घोष देवां परीपूर्ण सिन्धुं, 
ज्ञानेव रुपं पारीचिन्तयामी। 
सिन्धु वतां पूर्ण मदैव तुभ्यं, 
गुरुत्वं शरण्यं गुरुत्वं शरण्यं।। 

न जानामी पूजां न जानामी ध्यानं,
न जानामी वेदो न च वेद वाक्यं। 
न जानामी तिर्थो न ध्यानं न चैवं, 
एकोही मन्त्रं गुरुत्वं शरण्यं।।  

न तातो न माता न बन्धु र्न भ्राता, 
न पुत्रो न पुत्री न भ्रित्योर न भर्ता। 
न जाया न वित्तं न ब्रितिर्ममेवं, 
त्वमेवं शरण्यं त्वमेवं शरण्यं।। 

त्वं ब्रह्म रुपं रुद्र स्वरुपं, 
बिष्णु स्वरुपं देव स्वरुपं। 
आत्म स्वरुपं ब्रह्म स्वरुपं, 
गुरुत्वं शरण्यं गुरुत्वं शरण्यं।। 

आवाहयामी परीपूर्ण सिन्धुं, 
त्वमेवं सदाहं परीपश्र्वरुपं। 
आवाहयामी गुरुवे वदन्तं, 
त्वमेवं शरण्यं त्वमेवं शरण्यं।।

शिशुमेव रुपं न ज्ञानं न ध्यानं, 
एकोही चिन्त्यं भगवतस्वरुपं।
आवाहयामी मम प्राण रुपं,
त्वमेवं शरण्यं त्वमेवं शरण्यं।। 

आवाहयामी आवाहयामी, 
आवाहयामी आवाहयामी।।  

Wednesday, August 24

Kamdev Rati Sadhana Be Live, be beautiful!

Kamdev Rati Sadhana:

Kamdev Yantra
Beauty and love form the essence of life and everyone in the world wishes to experience these two treasures. These are two elements that make life worth it and keep a person feeling youthful and energetic even though one might have crossed one’s prime of life.

Most people mistake beauty looks and loves for passion. One cannot do much about transforming the way Nature has presented an individual to the world. Even cosmetics do little to make one look much attractive. But there are sure and powerful Mantras that could instill a strange hypnotic magnetism in one’s personality that everyone could be drawn towards one like a piece of iron pulled by a magnet. These are Mantras that make beauty spring from within and the transformation could be too subtle too be noticed by the naked eye but without doubt the effect is simply amazing.

I have known revered Sadgurudev to have gifted this ritual and Mantra to many desperate individuals, and each of them benefitted tremendously from it. One particular girl I remember was so disillusioned by her looks and by the way others ignored her that she even tried to commit suicide!

Luckily a disciple of Sadgurudev saved her and directed her to the holy feet of the Master who kindly gave her Kamdev Rati Diksha and initiated her into this divine Sadhana. The girl had passed through virtual hell and she put in all she had into the Sadhana. And when she returned three months later to meet Sadgurudev and thank him even I could not recognize her.

Fine, she had the same face and same complexion. But an out of the world divine radiance played on her features and her eyes seemed to pull one towards her and strike a conversation. And the way she smiled! Sadgurudev was very pleased by the devoted way in which she had performed the Sadhana. And then she broke the big news. Although she was not from a very rich family, recently a very wealthy business man had proposed to her on his own accord.

This very Sadhana is being revealed here with blessings of Revered Sadgurudev. It works wonders for not just women but also men. And even those who feel old and listless due to the onslaught of worries and tensions can greatly benefit from it. This Sadhana infuses one with the divine energy of Kaamdev (the god of love and beauty) and Rati (his divine consort) and thus makes one feel youthful, beautiful, confident and energetic. And when there is beauty in one’s thoughts, a sparkle in one’s eyes a song on one’s lips and the spirit of youth in one’s heart can love be far behind?

This Sadhana must be tried on a Friday – the day signifying planet Venus the star of love and beauty.
At Night after 10 p.m. have a bath and wear yellow clothes. Sit on a yellow mat facing North or East. Wear some natural fragrance on your clothes. Cover the wooden seat with yellow cloth and, on it draw a Swastik with Vermillion. On it place a picture of Sadgurudev. Worship Sadgurudev by offering vermillion, flowers and rice grains. Light a ghee lamp and incense. In a copper plate over a mound of rice grains place Ratikaam Yantra (amulet).

Take a water in the right palm and speak thus – I (speak your name) am performing this Sadhana for a infusion of divinity and beauty in my life. Let the water flow to the floor. Make two marks with vermillion on the Yantra. Offer rice grains and vermillion on the Yantra. Then chant one round of Guru Mantra.
Thereafter chant fifty one rounds of this Mantra with Anang Rosary.

Mantra: “Om Kaam Ratyei Phat”

After the Sadhana chant one round of Guru Mantra. Wear the Yantra-amulet around your neck for twenty one days. Daily chant the Mantra just one round in the morning after having bath. After twenty one day drop the Rosary and Yantra in a river or pond.

Saturday, August 13

Hypnotize Anyone Through Kamdev Yantra Mudrika

Kamdev Yantra Ring or Mudrikaa:

यन्त्र काम हरण, पत्थर को वश करण
Yantra Kaam Harana, Patthar ko Vas Karana

It is said in Nath Society and in ancient texts (Grantha) that one must wear a Kaamdev Yantra Mudrikaa (कामदेव यंत्र मुद्रिका) through which he can even attract and control over the stone, so it’s not a big matter to attract a simple man and woman. The Kaamdev Yantra possesses such an amazing power that it can easily attract and hypnotize anyone. This Yantra has infinite power that you can attract anyone in front you. One should wear this amazing Yantra on his/her small finger.

If he/she who wears this Kaamdev Yantra marked ring, after some days he/she will acquires such an amazing hypnotizing or attraction power on his/her body, personality will be undoubtedly hypnotizing. When you meets with an official authority and if he glance over the ring on your finger then surely, your boss will be attracted or hypnotized and he will do the things that will be favorable to you.

As well as if you attracts your lover’s attention on this ring then your lover will be fettered in hypnotism and your lover will do what you say. This Yantra Mudrikaa is also helpful to husband or wife to attract his/her wife or husband and make their life happy and lovely.

In other words one can really attract and hypnotize anyone and make him/her favorable to you. He can undoubtedly control over anyone and makes anyone to do whatever the order is. The business man can attract his valuable costumers and make his business partner favorable to him. This valuable ring is proved as milestone for human being in any field.

This valuable ring is the perfect medium to accomplish the Sammohan, Vashikaran and Aakarshan. The prosperity is guaranteed in the life of human being who wears this Kaamdev Yantra Mudrikaa with full of faith. One will feel the growing virility power in his life after wearing this Yantra Mudrikaa. So it’s now your turn to grab this amazing Kaamdev Yantra Mudrikaa.

Article Costs: NRs. 240/-, IC. 120/-

Thursday, August 11

Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana; Wealth Unlimited

Bhuvaneswari Mahavidya Sadhana:

The Sadhak who accomplishes this ritual becomes rich and powerful like Lord Indra! It is said in “Rig Veda” that only through the good Karmas of past lives and grace of the Guru can one obtain Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana.

Bhuvaneshwari Yantra

When lord Ram was being crowned his Guru Vashistth said to him – O Ram! In this world a poor man is treated with contempt even by relatives while a rich man is honoured by strangers.

He further stated-in the world of Sadhanas there is no more powerful Sadhana for becoming prosperous than that of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari.

Lord Ram did just that and his reign was called Ram-rajya in which there was prosperity and joy everywhere.
Even Lord Krishna accomplished this Sadhana and was able to found the wonderful city of Dwarka which was full of riches and wealth.

Lord Shiva has said that even a person who has been fated to be poor can become rich through this wonderful Sadhana.

Bhuvaneshwari is the Goddess who rules over the riches of the whole world and she is worshipped even by the Gods and Yogis.

According to the great Yogi Gorakhnath following are the benefits of this Sadhana.

After this Sadhana has been done wealth starts to flow into one’s life on its own. The person gains a magnetic personality and is easily able to influence others, even his enemies.

He is ever protected from peril by the kind Goddess and he remain healthy and fit all through life. He also leads a happy family life and there never is any paucity in his life.

He gains respect and fame in the society and is honoured for his work. Bhuvaneshwari Sadhana is a key to success in life no matter which field one has chosen.

The Sadhana must be tried on a Full Moon Night between 9 p.m. and midnight. Have a bath and wear yellow clothes. Sit facing North on a yellow seat.

Cover a wooden seat with a yellow cloth. On a mound of rice grains place Bhuvaneshwari Yantra. On the Yantra place a Bhuvantraya Rosary. Offer vermillion, rice grains and rose petals on the Yantra.
Light ghee lamp and incense. On the right hand side of the Yantra place an Eishwarya Gutika.

Then chant 21 rounds of the following Mantra with a Bhuvantraya Rosary.

Om Hreem Shreem Kleem Bhuvaneshwaryei Namah.

After this chant one round of Guru Mantra. Do this regularly for three days. Wear the Gutika in a thread around your neck. Drop the Yantra and rosary bundle in a river or pond.

Offer food and gifts to a girl below ten years in age. After eleven days, drop the Gutika in the river too. This is really a very effective Sadhana that cannot fail even in the present age of Kaliyug.

Sunday, August 7

Santaan Praapti Sadhana - Putrestthi Yoga and Sadhana

Santaan Prapti Sadhana Putrestthi Yoga:

Of all the gifts endowed by nature to a woman, motherhood is undoubtedly the most precious, the most wonderful and most fulfilling. Where becoming a mother adds the beauty and grace of a woman, being childless reduces her life to an endless ordeal of abuses, cold stares, taunting and chidings, not just from her family members but from the society as well. To give vent to her untapped motherly love, a woman might shower her affection on other children yet she remains deprived of that heavenly joy that comes from the breast feeding a child, listening to its delightful cries and allowing it to nuzzle up to the bosom and drift into blissful sleep.

Even the Shastras have eulogized the gift of motherhood and Sage Vashishtth went so far as to state a life left sundrenched by the elixir of motherhood is akin to a lifeless, dry tree trunk that bears no leaves, no flowers and never becomes a home to nesting birds. This the sage spoke while exhorting the childless King Dashrath to go for the Putrestthi Yoga and Sadhana. The wise king obeyed the Guru, and as a consequence was born the Princes Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrughan.

Ancient texts are full of such examples where divine intervention helped childless couples beget sons and daughters who grew up to be great humans. King Janak too was childless till he accomplished a special Sadhana and obtained a daughter like Sita. Kunti was given a miraculous Mantra by the fiery sage Durvasa, most probably in one of his benevolent moods, and imbibing the divine power of the Mantra she gave birth to four valiant sons. Not just with the same Mantra she helped her husband’s younger wife, Madri, beget two sons.

Are these mere tall tales? And if Mantras do have powers can, they work their charm even today?
Well the truth is that we have lost faith in the knowledge of our ancient sages while science-seems to be in the process of rediscovering those very facts which have been there in our texts for the past thousands of years. Today the process of clothing has even dispensed with the necessity of the species. We feel not in the least surprised by these claims while we tend to laugh away the fact that Valmiki had created Kush, twin of Luv, through his Yogic Powers.

The reason for this lies in our transformed way of thinking. Now we fail to comprehend the immense powers behind Mantras and Sadhanas. But the fact is that truth remains unaltered and uninfluenced by anyone’s thinking and it’s fact that Mantras and Sadhanas are just as effective today as they were in the times of Krishna and Ram. If anything has changed it is our attitude – we no longer are as devoted, as strong willed and as believing as we were then.

It is quite true that if our faith, devotion and will are dauntless then sure enough divine help can be sought with the help of which we can banish all weaknesses from the physical body leaving it perfectly health, well balanced and vigorous. One such way of seeking divine succor is Santaan Praapti Sadhana or Sadhana for begetting a child.

If you are childless it can mean any of these –

1.       Anyone or both of the married couple might be sexually weak or even impotent.
2.       The mother might be too weak to bear a child thus resulting in repeated abortions.
3.       A child might be born but dies soon after birth.

Besides there are many who do have children but they might be disobedient or fractions thus making life hell for the parents.

Whatever the problem this amazing Sadhana brings with it true and, complete joy of being a parent. It can be tried on any Monday but a very auspicious day for this is Santaan Saptami that falls on Astami.
Early in the morning both husband and wife should sit facing the East. They should start with chanting five rounds (5*108) of Guru Mantra. Next the Santaan Praapti Yantra ought to be placed in a steel plate and it should be worshipped with offerings of vermillion, unbroken rice grains and flowers. Near the Yantra place the Soubhaagya Gutika. Offer on it eleven roses each time chanting the following Mantra –

Om Koutumb-keshwaraaya Namah

Then the couple should fix their gaze on the Gutikaa and chant 21 rounds of the following Mantra with a White Hakeek Mala.

Mantra: Om Shreem Shreem Hreem Ayeim Putraan Dehi Dehi Hreem Hreem Om Sham

After the ritual the husband should put the rosary around his neck and the Gutikaa should be threaded in a yellow string and worn as a necklace by the wife. The Yantra should remain in the worship place. After 45 days, throw all these articles in a river or pond. This is a small Sadhana but it results are unfailing. This practice has been tried by many couples and each time it proved equally efficacious.

Thursday, August 4

Shree Sachchidananda Stawan

Divine Shree Sachchidananda Stawan:  

Pujya Gurudev

श्री सच्चिदानन्द स्तवन

सिद्धाश्रमोयं परमं विदुषं, ज्ञानं च दिव्यं महतं महितं । 
आत्मेव नित्यं परमं पवित्रं, दिव्यात्म रुपं प्रणवं नमामी।।

आविर्हताम परमं वदेवं, ॠग्वेद रुपं च ज्ञेयं स्वरुपं । 
यज्ञोत्वतां पूर्ण मदैव नित्यं, विज्ञान रुपं सत चित स्वरुपं ।।

ज्ञानर्वदा च वदितं ब्रह्माण्ड रुपं, नित्यं वदैव वहितं सहितं सदेवं ।
शब्दोवतां व्यर्थ मदैव नित्यं, किं पुर्व परं वहितं महितं च नित्यं ।।

शिष्योर्वतां वै परीपूर्ण रुपं, विव्हल स्वरुपं आत्मन नित्यं ।
आज्ञोवताम वै परमं पवित्र, पूर्णत्व रुपं गुरुवं नमामी।। 

स्मरणं वदेवं वदितं वदेवं, गुरुदेव नित्यं महिनां स्वरुपम । 
आत्मोच्छवास वहितं सहितं सदेवं, शब्दोवतां वै गुरुवे परेशं ।।

न तातो न माता, न बन्धु र्न भ्राता, न रुपं न ज्ञानं न चिन्त्यं न नित्यं ।
न योगं न मन्त्रं न तन्त्रं न नित्यं, सत चित स्वरुपं मन्त्रं च तन्त्रं ।।  

Durga Stotra To Get Rid Of Any Problem

Shree Durga Stotra/Stawan Overcome From Any Problem:

आपद उद्धारक दुर्गा स्तोत्र 

नमस्ते शरणये शिवे सानुकम्पे, नमस्ते जगद व्यापिके विश्वरुपे। 
 नमस्ते जगदवन्द्धपादारविन्दे, नमस्ते जगत्तारिणी त्राही दुर्गे।। 

 नमस्ते जगच्चिन्त्यमानस्वरुपे, नमस्ते महायोगिनी ज्ञानरुपे।
 नमस्ते नमस्ते सदानन्द रुपे, नमस्ते जगत्तारिणी त्राही दुर्गे।। 

 अनाथस्य दिनस्य त्रिष्णातुरस्य, भयार्तस्य भितस्य बद्धस्य जन्तो:। 
 त्वमेका गतिर्देवी! निस्तारकर्त्री, नमस्ते जगत्तारिणी त्राही दुर्गे।। 

 अरण्ये रणे दारुणे शत्रुमध्ये, नले सागरे प्रान्तरे राजगेहे। 
 त्वमेका गतिर्देवी निस्तारनौका, नमस्ते जगत्तारिणी त्राही दुर्गे।।

 अपारे महादुस्तरेत्यन्तघोरे, विपत्सागरे मज्नतां देहभाजाम। 
 त्वमेका गतिर्देवी निस्तारघोरे, नमस्ते जगत्तारिणी त्राही दुर्गे।। 

 नमश्चण्डिके चण्डदुर्दण्डलोला, समुत्खण्डिता खण्डिताशेषशत्रो:। 
 त्वमेका गतिर्देवी निस्तारबीजं, नमस्ते जगत्तारिणी त्राही दुर्गे।।

 त्वमेवाघभावाध्रिता सत्यवादी, नजाताजीताक्रोधनात क्रोधनिस्ठा। 
 इडा पिङला त्वं सुषुम्ना नाडी, नमस्ते जगत्तारिणी त्राही दुर्गे।। 

 नमो देवी! दुर्गे! शिवे! भिमनादे! सरस्वत्यरुन्धत्यमेघ स्वरुपे। 
 विभुती: शची कालरात्री: सती त्वं, नमस्ते जगत्तारिणी त्राही दुर्गे।।

 शरणमसी सुराणा सिद्धविधाधराणा, मुनीमनुजपशुना दस्युभीस्त्रासितानाम। 
 न्रिपतिग्रिहगतानां व्याधीभी: पोडितानां, त्वमसी शरणमेका देवी! दुर्गे! प्रसिद।।

 इदं स्तोत्रं मया प्रोक्तमापदद्धारहेतुकम, त्रिसन्ध्यमेकसन्ध्यं वा पठनाद घोरसंकटात। 
 मुच्यते नात्र सन्देहो भुवी स्वर्गे रसातले, सर्वं वा श्लोकमेकं वा य: पठेद भक्तीमान सदा।।

 स सर्वं दुष्क्रितं मुक्त्वा प्राप्नोती परमं पदम,
 पठनादस्य देवेशी किं न सिद्धयती भुतले।।  

Kundalini Dhyan (Kundalini Naad Brahma)

Kundalini Dhyan Kundalini Naad Brahma:

कुण्डलिनी ध्यान

 पुर्वं सतां वै परीपूर्ण सिन्धुं ज्ञानेवरुपं मपरं वतैव।
 दिर्घो वतां पुर्व मदैव रुपं कुण्डलिनी वै सहितं प्रण्म्यं।।

 प्रणमं परेशं वदनं सहेतं ज्ञानोवदेतं ध्यानं वदेतं।
 तपो परेशां मदैव च रुपं, कुण्डलिनी वै प्रणमं नमामी।।

 गुरुर्वै सतां पुर्व मदैव रुपं प्राणोमनोश्चेतन पुर्व वदेवं।
 आत्मं सतां पुर्व मदैव रुपं कुण्डलिनी वै प्रणमं नमामी।।

 दिव्यो सतां पुर्व मदैव रुपं ज्ञानं च चेत्यम तवतं सदेवं।
 आत्मोर्वतां पुर्व मदैव रुपं कुण्डलिनी वै प्रणमं नमामी।।

 दिर्घोवतां वै सहितं सदैव ज्ञानं च रुपं ब्रह्म स्वरुपं।
 गुरुर्वै सतां च गुरुवं प्रणम्यं कुण्डलिनी वै प्रणमं नमामी।।

Siddhashram Stawan/ Stotra

The Divine Siddhashram Stotra/Stawan:

Shadgurudev & Mataji
सिद्धाश्रम स्तवन

 सिद्धाश्रमोयं परीपूर्ण रुपं, सिद्धाश्रमोयं दिव्यं वेरण्यम । 
 न देवं न योगं न पुर्व वेरण्यं, सिद्धाश्रमोयं प्रणम्यं नमामी ।।

 दिव्याश्रमोयं सिद्धाश्रमोयं, वदनं त्वमेवं आत्मं त्वमेवम ।
 वारन्यरुप पवतं पहितं सदैवं; सिद्धाश्रमोयं प्रणम्यं नमामी ।।

 सिद्धाश्रमोयं मम प्राण रुपं, सिद्धाश्रमोयं आत्म स्वरुपं ।
 सिद्धाश्रमोयं कारण्य रुपं; सिद्धाश्रमोयं प्रणम्यं नमामी ।।

 सिद्धाश्रमोयं देवत्वरुपं, सिद्धाश्रमोयं आत्म स्वरुपं ।
 सिद्धाश्रमोयं सिद्धाश्रमोयं; सिद्धाश्रमोयं प्रणम्यं नमामी ।।

 सिद्धाश्रमोयं सिद्धाश्रमोयं, सिद्धाश्रमोयं सिद्धाश्रमोयं ।
 न शब्दं न वाक्यं न चिन्त्यं न रुपं; सिद्धाश्रमोयं प्रणम्यं नमामी ।।

 ॐ पूर्णमद: पूर्णमिदं पूर्णात पूर्णमुदच्यते। पूर्णस्य पूर्णमादाय पूर्णमेवाव शिष्यते ।।  

Wednesday, August 3

Sahasraakshari Siddha Chandi Mahavidya Sadhana

Siddha Chandi Mahavidya Sadhana:

Mahavidya Siddha Chandi
Sahasraakshari Siddha Chandi Mahavidya Sadhana is simple to accomplish but very important too. This Sadhana can be accomplished on Kali Jayanti at Night.

Sadhak should take a bath at night without clothes after 9 pm and without touching any other clothes, wear fresh white clothes and sit on a white seat facing South direction. Place the magical ‘Sahasraakshari Siddha Chandi Yantra’ and worship it briefly. Take some water on your palm and say your Manokamana or wishes that you want doing Viniyog chanting this mantra,

Viniyog: विनियोग:

अस्य श्रीसर्व-महा-विधा-महा-राज्ञी-सप्तशती-मन्त्र-रहस्याती-रहस्य-मयी, परा-शक्ती-श्रीमदाद्धा-भगवती-सिद्ध-चण्डी, सहस्राक्षरी-महा-विधाया: श्रीमार्कण्डेय-सुमेधा ॠषि, गायत्र्या-नाना छन्दांसि, नव कोटी-रुपा-श्रीमदाद्धा-भगवती सिद्ध-चण्डी देवता, श्रीमदाधा-भगवती-सिद्ध-चण्डी-प्रसादाद-खिलेष्टार्थे जपे पाठे विनियोग:।  

After Viniyog, Sadhak should touch all parts of your body as mentioned in a Hrishyaadi Nyas and Angga Nyas. Next place the picture of Siddha Chandi in front then join your both palms and meditate on Yantra.

Hrisyaadi Nyas ॠष्यादी न्यास:

 श्रीमार्कण्डेय-सुमेधा-ॠषियां, शिरसे नम: । गायात्र्यादी-नाना छन्दोभ्यौ नम: मुखे: । नव-कोटी-शक्ती-रुपा-श्रीमदाधा-भगवती-सिद्ध-चण्डी-प्रसादा-दखिलेष्टार्थे जपे पाठे विनियोगाय नम: सर्वाङ्गे।  

Angga Nyas अङ्ग न्यास :

ॐ श्री सहस्रारे। ॐ ह्रीं नमो माले। ॐ क्लीं नमो नेत्र-युगले। ॐ एइं नम: हस्त-युगले। ॐ श्री नम: हृदये। ॐ क्लीं नम: कटौ। ॐ ह्रीं नम: जङ्घा-द्वये। ॐ श्री नम: पादादी-सर्वाङ्गे।  

Dhyan ध्यान:

ॐ या चण्डी मधु-कैटभादी-दलनी या माहिषो-न्मुलनी, या धुम्रेक्षण-चण्ड-मुण्ड, मथनी या रक्त-बिजाशनी। शक्ती-शुम्भ-निशुम्भ-दैत्य-दलनी, या सिद्धी-दांत्री परा सा देवी नव-कोटी-मुर्ती-संहिता मां पातु विश्वेश्वरी।।  

After finishing Dhyan, light a ghee lamp in front of you. Next chant the following Mahavidya Mantra imagining the image of Bhagawati Kali in the base of light of ghee lamp. Sadhak should chant this Mantra 51 rounds or 101 rounds in one night. The ritual to accomplish this Sadhana is 101 Chants in one night. This ritual can be accomplished in one night.

सहस्राक्षरी सिद्ध चण्डी महाविधा मंत्र

ॐ एइं श्रीं ह्रिसौ श्रीं एइं ह्रीं क्लीं सौ: सौ: ॐ एइं ह्रीं क्लीं श्रीं जय महा-लक्ष्मी, जगदाद्धे, विजये-सुरा-सुर त्रिभुवन-निदाने, दयांकुरे, सर्व देव-तेजो-रुपिणी, विरंच-संस्थिते, विधी-वरदे सच्चिदानन्दे, बिष्णु-देहाब्रिते, महा-मोहिनी, मधु-केटभादी-घोषिणी, नित्य-वरदान-तत्परे, महा-सुधाब्धी -वासिनी, महा-तेजो-धारिणी, सर्वाधारे, सर्व-कारण-कारीणे, अचिन्त्य रुपे, ईन्द्रादी-सकल-निर्जर-सेबिते, साम-गान-गायनपरिपुर्णोदय कारीणी, बिजये, जयन्ती, अपराजिते, सर्व-सुन्दरी, रक्तांशुके, सुर्य-कोटी-संकाशे, चन्द्र-कोटी-सुशितले अग्नी कोटी-दहन-शिले, यम-कोटी-क्रुरे, वायु कोट-वहन-शिले, ॐकार -नाद-बिन्दु-रुपिणी, निगमागम-भाग-दायिनी, महिषासुर-दलनी, धुम्र-लोचन-बध-परायणे, चण्ड-मुण्ड-शिरच्छेदिनी, रक्त-बिज-रुधिर-शोषिणी, रक्त-पान-प्रिये, योगिनी-भुत-बेताल भैरवादी-तुष्टी-बिधायिनी, शुम्भ-निशुम्भ-शिरच्छेदिनी, निखिलासुर-बल-खादीनी, त्रिदश-राज्यदायिनी, सर्व स्त्री रत्न-स्वरुपिणी, दिव्य-देहिनी, निर्गुणे, सगुणे-सदसद-रुप-धारिणी, सुर-वरदे, भक्त-त्राण-तत्परे, वहु-वरदे, सस्राक्षरे, अयुताक्षरे सप्त-कोटी-चामुण्डा-रुपिणी, नवकोटी-कात्यायनी-रुपे, अनेक लक्षालक्ष-स्वरुपे, ईन्द्राणी, ब्रह्माणी, रुद्राणी, ईशानी, भिमे, भ्रामरी, नारसींही, त्रि-शत-कोटी-देवते, अनन्त-कोटी-ब्रह्माण्ड-नायिके चतु-र्विशांती-मुनी-जन-संस्थिते, सर्व-ग्रन्थ-राज-विराजिते, महा-त्रिपुर-सुन्दरी कामेश-दयिते, करुणा रस-कल्लोलिनी, कल्प ब्रिक्षादी-स्थिते, चिन्ता-मणी-द्वय -मध्यावस्थिते, मणी-मन्दिरे निवासिनी, चापिनी, खड्गिनी, चक्रिणी, गदिनी, शङ्खिनी, पदमिनी, निखिल-भैरवादी-पते, समस्त-योगिनी परीवेष्ठिते, काली, कङ्काली, तोत्तलोत्तले, ज्वालामुखी, छिन्न-मस्तके, भुवनेस्वरी, त्रिपुर-लोक-जननी बिष्णु-वक्षस्थल-कारीणे, अजिते अमिते, अनुपम-चरिते, गर्भ -वासादी-दुखापहारिणी, मुक्ती-क्षेत्राधिष्ठायिनी, शिवे, शान्ते, कुमारी, सप्तदश शताक्षरे, चण्डी चामुण्डे महा-काली-महा-लक्ष्मी-महा-सरस्वती-त्री-विग्रहे प्रसिद प्रसिद, सर्व-मनोरथनी पुरय-पुरय, सर्वारिष्टान छेदय छेदय, सर्व-ग्रह-पिडा-ज्वराग्रे-भय बिध्वंसय बिध्वंसय, सर्व-त्रिभुवन-जातं वशय वशय, मोक्ष-मार्गाणी दर्शय दर्शय, ज्ञान-मार्ग प्रकाशय अज्ञान-तमो नाशय नाशय, धन धान्यादी-ब्रिद्धीं कुरु कुरु सर्व-कल्याणिनी कल्पय कल्पय, मां रक्ष रक्ष, सर्वापदभ्यो निस्तारय निस्तारय, बज्रं-शरिरं साधय साधय एइं ह्रीं क्लीं चामुण्डायै विच्चे स्वाहा।

Saraswati Sadhana For Making Your Child Intelligent

Saraswati Sadhana, Make Your Child Intelligent:
Saraswati Mata

Saraswati is the Goddess of knowledge and intelligence who can make even the so called dull children to work hard and achieve higher and better. The fact is that no child is dull or brainless. Children only need motivation. And when the counseling and scolding of parents and teachers fails it is time to seek divine help.
There is a wonderful verse from an ancient text that states that if the Beej Mantra of Goddess Saraswati is written with honey and silver straw on the tongue of a child then the child starts taking interest in studies and becomes extremely intelligent.

Is it possible even today in the present age?

Not very long ago a fourteen year old boy left home because he was constantly told he could learn nothing. Fate steered him to the holy feet of revered Shadgurudev. Shadgurudev saw in him a strong will to achieve something in life. He allowed the child to live with him and subjected him to some very severe tests. But he came out successful in every ordeal.

 And then dawned the day when Shadgurdev gave him Saraswati Diksha and and the flow of intelligence that he experienced within left him overawed. After this there was no looking back and within a year boy had imbibed the knowledge of all four Vedas, the Upanishads and various other texts.
The boy grew up to be Gyaanaanand - joy of knowledge. People who came into his contact were left amazed by his intellect.

If you wish your child to progress fast in life, if you want your daughter or son to top in studies, if you have a dream for him or her to choose an elite course then this amazing rituals could help you fulfill your wish. It is a divine boon for the children of this age and surely they should not be deprived of it.
If the child is too young to try itself the mother or father could do it on behalf of their ward. Without doubt this Sadhanas can make your child rise high in life so as to become famous not just nationally but internationally.

On a Monday try this ritual between 4:30 and 7 am. Sit facing the North having had a bath and wearing yellow clothes. Sit on a yellow mat. Cover a wooden seat with a yellow cloth and, on it place a Saraswati Yantra.

the Yantra with water and then make a mark on it with sandal wood paste. Then offer prayers to the Guru and chant four rounds of Guru Mantra.

Next light a ghee lamp and incense sticks.

After this chant the following verse praying to the Goddess Saraswati for success.

Shuklaam Brahma Vichaar Saar Paramaamaadhyam Jagadvyaapineem, Veenaa-pustak-dhaarinneem Bhayadaam Jaadyaandhakaaraa-pahaam. Haste Sfaltik-Maalikaam Vid-dhateem Padamaasane Sansthitaam, Vande Taam Parameshwareem Bhagawateem Buddhipradaam Shaaradaam.

Place Meghani Gutika on the right side of Yantra. On it offer fragrance and rice grains.
Then with honey and a straw of silver write the Beej Mantra of Saraswati, as on the tongue of the child.
Take water in the right palm and pledge thus – I am accomplishing this Sadhana for my child named ____________ with surname__________.

Let the water flow to the ground. Then chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra with Sfatik rosary.

Om Ayeim Vaagvaadinyei Ayeim Om.

After this tie the Gutika on the arm of the child. On the next full moon night drop the Yantra and Rosary in a river or pond.

Tuesday, August 2

Rogmukti Kayakalpa Diksha

Rogmukti Kayakalpa Diksha For Physical Rejuvenation:

Of all the gifts that modern science has manifested for mankind that of Medicine is perhaps the most wondrous as it took up the challenges of banishing certain diseases from the very face of the earth and increasing the life span of the most favored of all species – man. But what all success that did accrue due to these strenuous efforts was virtually neutralized and rather overtaken by the twin modern day demons pollution and stress of the jet set life which we lead today. With medical science spreading its tentacles and reaching out to even the most secluded societies, the present day medical infrastructures has become truly awesome with its dispensaries, hospitals, mobile hospitals, flying hospitals and other paraphernalia. Yet continue to prey on human kind.

Although conventional medical practitioners have always laid all blame of diseases on physical unbalance, refusing to accept that the cause might lie somewhere else, least of all in the subconscious mind or the soul, modern psychologists have – started to accept that almost all diseases start as a malaise of the sub conscience which later develops into physical illness.

These physicians are in fact just rediscovering a fact well known to the ancient Hindu savants, who never relied merely on the physical symptoms of a patient but rather probe deep within his or her psyche to get to the root cause of the malady. And along with the medicine that was prescribed to put the physical body back into a state of balance, they also undertook to free the patient of his or her psychic complexes that were the primary source of the malady.

And this aspect of the affair continues in baffle the physicians all over the world. They have witnessed, and continue to do so, patients who were thought to be beyond medical, help recover from so-called incurable diseases. Failing to provide any plausible explanation such recoveries are labeled ‘miracles’. At the same time there have been patients who have simply failed to respond to the hitherto considered, and so proven, best and effective treatments.

To these unenlightened men of medicine these phenomena might be inexplicable yet to one who is aware of the power of the Soul; it is sure enough evident that once the source of actual malady in the sub conscience is tapped the physical ailment can be made to disappear even without medication. And similarly if the patient has lost the will to survive and is not able to wipe out the ill effects imprinted on the sub conscience, even the best of medical help proves to be of no avail.

So whenever a patient fails to respond to medicine know it that the real malady lies in the soul and the best way to uproot it is Kayakalpa Diksha or Healing through Spiritual Initiation.

Deekshyaamritamashnute says the famous ancient text Shiva-Samhita, which means, Diksha proves to be a rejuvenating elixir even for those on the brink of death.

Mrit is the word the texts use for death and it means not just death but also sorrows, pains, afflictions and tensions which usher in illness and diseases.

And the panacea suggested for them is Amrit or elixir in the form of Kayakalpa Diksha, which is a process of activating the latest defense system of the body and endowing it with health, youth, power and radiance. Not just for the ill, this wonderful Spiritual Initiation proves a unique boon even for the Sadhaks, for they need to have a very strong physique to endure the rig ours of the Sadhana world.
Shaktipaat, or transfer of divine energy through physical contact or through the medium of gaze or even subliminally through Telepathy, is the method used by a Shadguru, an Enlightened Master, to bestow such physical resilience on a human.

Gyaan Shakti Samaaruddam, Tattvamaalaa Vibhooshitam.
Mukti Mukti Pradaataaram, Tasmei Shree Guruve Namah.

I.e. The Master who is the confluence of all Divine Knowledge, the Supreme Being who assimilates the essence of all Shaastras and Vedas, who can at once bless one with wealth, spiritual enlightenment, physical pleasures and total evolution, is the one I pray to renounce all Gods and Goddesses. I bow reverentially in the feet of Shree Gurudev the giver of perfect health and beauty!

Sadhana of the Sun

Surya Sadhana, Sadhana Of Sun:

One cannot imagine a life without the sun. It is through the motion of the sun that one can count time. All the planets revolve round the sun and get their energy from it. For all living forms too sun is the source of nourishment, radiance, strength and power. Through the Sadhana of Sun one can gain knowledge, intelligence and power.

Even science accepts that the sun rays are capable of preventing diseases in a human. For incurable ailments the Sadhana of sun is considered best.

In the ancient times the Rishis and Yogis used to worship the sun and perform its Sadhana for remaining diseases free and healthy. And not just in Nepal and India, the sun has been worshipped in all the countries and all the civilizations like Roman, Greek and Egyptian.

The worship of sun also frees one of all evils and weaknesses. Human do tend to err and hence the human mind and body remain prey to evil thoughts. Due to this reason it becomes difficult to get the desired success in other Sadhanas. Hence with the grace of revered Shadgurudev some highly accomplished Sadhaks of the divine land of Siddhashram have devised a powerful Sun Sadhana through which such success can be assured.

This Sadhana also helps get rid of diseases and eye ailments. For the Sadhana one has to get up before sun rise on a Sunday. Have a bath and wear fresh clothes. Then offer water from copper tumbler to the rising sun.
For this while offering water to the rising sun a special procedure is used. The copper tumbler is held near the chest and water is poured facing the sun. The tumbler is held in a way so that the reflection of the sun is seen in the pouring water.

Sit facing east on a white mat and on a wooden seat place the Surya Yantra over red flowers. Offer saffron, betel nut and red flowers on the Yantra.
Next pray thus to the Lord Sun – (O Lord accept my prayers and my offerings of devotion).

Then wear a Surya Mannimalya (a special rosary) around the neck and chant the following Mantra for fifteen minutes.

Om Hreem Hreem Suryaaya Namah.

If the Sadhak performs this Sadhana daily then there is nothing like it. All wishes and Sadhanas of a Sadhak who tries this ritual are fulfilled.

If tried with full devotion and concentration weakness, diseases and laziness cannot remain in the body. The Sadhana of Sun is specially good for curing problems related to eyes.

It is through the sun that one is in direct contact with nature. Among all astrological planets too the sun is worshipped first and foremost. Hence everyone should surely try this wonderful and powerful Sadhana that is the very basis of a happy and healthy life.

Batuk Bheirav sadhana

Batuk Bhairav Sadhana, Get Rid Of Any Problems:

It is said that in the present times of Kaliyug the Sadhanas of Lord Bheirav are among the most easy to accomplish and succeed in. The ancient text Shiv Mahapuraan states that Bheirav is but another form of Lord Shiva and he protects his devotees from the gravest dangers.

The text Shakti Samagam Tantra tells how Bheirav first manifested. In the ancient times a demon named Aadpad performed very severe penance and became immortal. He started using his power to harass the gods and human beings. At last when his atrocities became unbearable the gods got together and started to think of some way to put an end to the life of Aapad.

They prayed to Lord Shiva for help and in response a divine radiance appeared from the form of the Lord.   This assumed the form of a five year old child Batuk Bheirav. Simultaneously divine radiance also poured forth from the forms of the gods and merged into the form of Batuk. Thus the child Batuk was blessed by all divine beings and he became invincible.

Batuk Bheirav killed the demon Aapad and he came to be known as Aapaduddhaarak Bheirav i.e. Bheirav who got rid of demon Aapad. From that time Aapad came to be a synonym of problems and Bheirav is the deity who protects his devotees from all the problems in life.
  1. Through Batuk Bheirav Sadhana the following gains can be had.
  2. ·         All problems, obstacles and dangers are removed from one’s life.
  3. ·         One becomes mentally peaceful and quarrels and tensions in family life come to and end.
  4. ·         One is protected even from the future problems if one regularly tries this Sadhana at least once every year,
  5. ·         In order to make the state authorities favorable and to win court cases there is no better Sadhanas.
  6. ·         One’s life and property are protected from all dangers.

In the night of a Sunday have a bath and wear fresh clean clothes. Then on a wooden seat placed before you make a mound of black sesame seeds. On it place Batuk Bheirav Yantra. Light a ghee lamp and then offer flowers and vermillion to the Lord. Pray to the Guru for success in the Sadhana.
Then join both palms and meditate on the divine forth of Lord chanting thus.

Bhakatyaa Namaami Batukam Tarunnam, Trinetram, Kaam Pradaan Var Kapaal Trishool Dandaan. Bhaktaarti Naash Karanne Dadhatam Kareshu, Tam Kostubhaa-Bharann Bhooshit Divya Deham.

Then take some rice grains in your right hand and speak out your problems clearly. Next move the rice grains around your head and throw them in all directions. Then with a Batuk Bheirav rosary chant eleven rounds of following Mantra.

Om Hreem Batukaaya Aapad Uddhaarnaaya Kuru Kuru Batukaaya Hreem Om Swaahaa.

Do this regularly for 7 days. After 7 days, drop the Yantra and Rosary in a pond or a river. Soon  favorable results would manifest.

Monday, August 1

Easy Way to Gain Guru Kripaa (अष्टोत्तर शत्नामानी )

Easy Way To Gain Guru Kripaa By Chanting 108 Mantras Of Sadgurudev:

Param Pujya Sadgurudev Nikhileswarananda Maharaj has many forms and appearances. Those Nikhil Bhakta or Nikhil Sishya who chant this 108 names or mantras of Sadgurudev Nikhil daily one time then he/she will surely gains full blessings or Guru Kripa.

Dr. Narayan Dutt Shrimali
  1.  ॐ नारायणाय गुरुभ्यो नम: 
  2.  ॐ आत्म स्वरुपाय नम: 
  3.  ॐ त्रिकाल ज्ञान संपन्नाय नम: 
  4.  ॐ दसमहाबिधा सिद्धीदाय नम: 
  5.  ॐ भगवती प्रियाय नम: 
  6.  ॐ बिज्ञान दिपाकुंराय नम: 
  7.  ॐ प्रेम स्वरुपाय नम:
  8.  ॐ तन मन रंजनाय नम:
  9.  ॐ भव भय भंजनाय नम:
  10.  ॐ असुर निखंडनाय नम: 
  11.  ॐ दिव्य हस्ताय नम:
  12.   ॐ गूढ स्वरुपाय नम: 
  13.  ॐ सौम्य स्वरुपाय नम:
  14.  ॐ गूढ चरित्राय नम:
  15.  ॐ दानी चरित्राय नम:
  16.  ॐ सर्वसम्पत्कराय नम:
  17.  ॐ जाग्रिती रचना सिक्त प्रदाय नम:
  18.  ॐ वेद भयाय नम:
  19.  ॐ करुणा कराय नम:
  20.  ॐ प्रत्यक्ष महेश्वराय नम:
  21.  ॐ सच्चिदानन्द श्रेष्ठ शिष्याय नम:
  22.  ॐ सिद्धाश्रम प्रतिकाय नम:
  23.  ॐ कैलाशाचल कन्दरालयकराय नम:
  24.  ॐ मोक्ष द्वार कपाट पाटन कराय नम:
  25.  ॐ सर्वानन्द कराय नम: 
  26.  ॐ भक्ताभिष्ट प्रदाय नम: 
  27.  ॐ कृपावलम्वनाय नम: 
  28.  ॐ कल्प तरवे नम: 
  29.  ॐ कोटी कोटी स्वरुपाय नम: 
  30.  ॐ महा अभयंकराय नम: 
  31.  ॐ साक्षान्मोक्षकराय नम: 
  32.  ॐ रक्षा कन्दकराय नम: 
  33.  ॐ निरामयाय नम: 
  34.  ॐ ज्ञान वैराग्य सिद्धयर्थाय नम: 
  35.  ॐ सोमाव्रित सोदराय नम:
  36.  ॐ दयानुपवना द्रविणाम्बु धाराय नम:
  37.  ॐ पुष्कर विस्टकराय नम: 
  38.  ॐ त्रिविष्ट सुलभ लभाय नम: 
  39.  ॐ समस्त जगतां महानिय मुर्तये नम:
  40.  ॐ आशा पुरकाय नम: 
  41.  ॐ सच्चिद सुखधाम्ने नम:
  42.  ॐ पुराण पुरुषाय नम: 
  43.  ॐ नाना क्रिडाकराय नम: 
  44.  ॐ चिदानन्द निर्विकाराय नम:
  45.  ॐ गुणातिताय नम: 
  46.  ॐ त्रिकाल दर्शनाय नम: 
  47.  ॐ सर्वबिघ्न हराय नम:
  48.  ॐ नानादैत्य निहन्त्ताय नम: 
  49.  ॐ नाना रुपधराय नम: 
  50.  ॐ सर्वशक्ती भयाय नम: 
  51.  ॐ सर्वरुप वैवभाय नम: 
  52.  ॐ सर्व विधा प्रवक्ताय नम: 
  53.  ॐ नित्य भक्तानन्द कराय नम:
  54.  ॐ सत्य ज्ञान रुपाय नम: 
  55.  ॐ अनंन्त विभवाय नम: 
  56.  ॐ अनेक कोटी ब्रह्माण्ड नायकाय नम: 
  57.  ॐ सर्ववशंकराय नम: 
  58.  ॐ आधीव्याधी हराय नम:
  59.  ॐ भुक्ती मुक्ती प्रदाय नम: 
  60.  ॐ सर्व सिद्धी कराय नम: 
  61.  ॐ सर्व सौख्य प्रदायिने नम:
  62.  ॐ दुष्टा रिष्ट विनाशाय नम: 
  63.  ॐ चिदानन्द स्वरुपाय नम: 
  64.  ॐ प्रपन्न जनपालनाय नम:
  65.  ॐ इन्दु शितलाय नम:
  66.  ॐ विभुतये नम: 
  67.  ॐ सुरभये नम: 
  68.  ॐ वाड्मयाय नम:
  69.  ॐ श्रद्धायै नम: 
  70.  ॐ आदित्यै नम: 
  71.  ॐ दित्यै नम:
  72.  ॐ दिपायै नम:
  73.  ॐ अनुग्रह रुपाय नम:
  74.  ॐ अशोकाय नम:
  75.  ॐ अमृताय नम:
  76.  ॐ धर्मनिलयाय नम:
  77.  ॐ महेश्वराय नम: 
  78.  ॐ भक्त वत्सलाय नम:
  79.  ॐ कपालिने नम:
  80.  ॐ शाश्वताय नम: 
  81.  ॐ अजेयाय नम:
  82.  ॐ दिव्याय नम:
  83.  ॐ कृपानिधानाय नम:
  84.  ॐ अव्यक्ताय नम:
  85.  ॐ जिवतत्व बोधकाय नम:
  86.  ॐ सहस्राक्षय नम: 
  87.  ॐ अनंताय नम: 
  88.  ॐ शिष्यवन सिञ्चिताय नम:
  89.  ॐ अनुग्रहाय नम:
  90.  ॐ निखिलेश्वरानंदाय नम:
  91.  ॐ गृहास्थ स्वरुपाय नम:
  92.  ॐ अनाथ नाथाय नम:
  93.  ॐ चित्त हराय नम: 
  94.  ॐ दुर्लभ गुरुवे नम:
  95.  ॐ सुक्ष्म रुपाय नम:
  96.  ॐ कालातीताय नम:
  97.  ॐ सौम्याम्बर धराय नम: 
  98.  ॐ निर्लिप्ताय नम: 
  99.  ॐ अखण्डानि सहस्रार जाग्रित कराय नम:
  100.  ॐ कुण्डलिनी सहस्रार जाग्रताय नम:
  101.  ॐ योगमय स्वरुपाय नम:
  102.  ॐ तपोमयाय नम:
  103.  ॐ मार्ग दर्शकाय नम:
  104.  ॐ मन्त्र तन्त्र यंत्र सिद्धिकरायय नम:
  105.  ॐ उर्ध्वमुखी जीवनंदकराय नम:
  106.  ॐ पतितोध्दारायय नम: 
  107.  ॐ भक्तवत्सल भोला शंकरायय नम:
  108.  ॐ नारायणदत्त तेजस्वीनं नम: