।। श्री गुरु चरण कमलेभ्यो नम: ।। ॐ परम तत्वाय नारायणाय गुरुभ्यो नम: ।। ॐ ह्रिं मम प्राण देह रोम प्रतिरोम चैतन्य जाग्रय ह्रीं ॐ नम: || ॐ भुर्भुव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धिमही धियो योन: प्रच्योदयात|| गुरु वाणी: Such thoughts are missing in animals, birds and insects. Even gods and demons do not think thus. This is why humans are said to be the most unique in the universe. But if a human never thinks why he has been created by the Lord, what the goal of his life then he is no better than the animals.

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Monday, August 29

Kanakdhara Sadhana River Of Gold.

Kanakdhara Sadhana & Yantra Rahasya 

Kanakdhara Yantra Rahasya
If all ancient texts were to perish and just the secret Sadhana of Kanakdhara Yantra survived, it would be enough to make rivers of gold to flow in our lives and make us the richest and most prosperous nation. – Tantra Master Trijata Aghori.

Is it not an anomaly that poverty prevails in a country whose ancient knowledge promises limitless wealth and success through easy rituals? It sure appears surprising, but not when one peers into the minds of the masses and beholds the other disbelief and lack of faith and devotion that they nurture towards the science of Mantras and Sadhanas.

And hardly a few centuries back desperate men and women would seek audience of spiritual Gurus like Gorakhnath, in the hope of receiving some mantra or ritual that could end their troubles. Hardly a millennium has passed since the great Master of Tantra, Adi Shankaracharya tread the soil of nation doling out precious pieces of ancient knowledge to help the common man overcome adversities in life.

In fact, bound by the vows of ascetic life when one day Shankaracharya sought some food from a house all he got was sad tears and sighs of the lady of the house. On enquiry the Guru was appalled to hear that there was nothing to eat in that house except for a dry gooseberry, which the lady readily offered to him, not willing to turn away a Sanyaasi empty handed from her door.

Touched by her selflessness Shankar assumed a meditative posture at the very spot and propitiated Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth. The Goddess however expressed her helplessness saying, “This old woman’s bad Karmas from the past shalf never let her enjoy riches in this life.”

“But how can you be helpless Mother?’’ said Shankar. “Kindly suggest some way.”

The Goddess reflected upon the problem for a few moments and then said, “There is but one way. Establishing Kanakdhara Yantra in this home can sure reverse her ill fate.”

Guru Shankaracharya did just that and opened the doors to furtune for the impoverished family. So many avenues of earning opened up suddenly that it seemed that a river of gold had been diverted to the house.
The ritual could be effective even today, yet the preparation of the Yantra is not so easy. No less than 16 are its boons, namely wealth, rich foods, land, property and buildings, fame, longevity, high social status, vehicles, handsome spouse, children, state accolades, good health, joy, pleasures, trade success and total fulfillment.

Goddess Laxmi is worshipped through this Yantra and once appeased the diety banishes all traces of poverty from one’s life and endows one with riches and splendor. According to the ancient treatise Kanakdhara Yantra Rahasya this Yantra must be inscribed on a copper plate in special astrologically propitious moments known as the Sanjeevani Kaal. Only such a Yantra can. If placed at home, work place, shop or business centre, bring forth the above mentioned results.

Wednesday is the best day for permanently placing this wealth pulling Yantra in one’s home or office. This must be accompanied by the following ritual devised by Bhagawatpad Shankaracharya. Early in the morning have a bath and sit facing South on a white mat having donned white clothes. On a bed of roses place the Yantra and light a ghee lamp. Next offer unbroken rice grains, vermillion, flowers and sweet on the Yantra and chant thus.

Sarsij Nihalaye Saroj Haste Dhavad Tamaanshuk Gandh Maalya Shobhe, Bhagawati Hari Vallabhe Manogye Tribhuvan Bhooti Kari Praseed Mahyam.

Thereafter with a Laxmi Var Varad Rosary chant 11 rounds of the following Mantra.

Om Vam Shreem Vam Ayeim Hreem Shreem Kleem Kanakdhaaraayei Namah.

The Yantra itself is capable of drawing wealth but still better results are assured if the Sadhak chants the Mantra 11 times each morning before the Yantra. After the ritual place the Yantra in your home or office and drop the rosary in a river or pond.

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