।। श्री गुरु चरण कमलेभ्यो नम: ।। ॐ परम तत्वाय नारायणाय गुरुभ्यो नम: ।। ॐ ह्रिं मम प्राण देह रोम प्रतिरोम चैतन्य जाग्रय ह्रीं ॐ नम: || ॐ भुर्भुव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धिमही धियो योन: प्रच्योदयात|| गुरु वाणी: Such thoughts are missing in animals, birds and insects. Even gods and demons do not think thus. This is why humans are said to be the most unique in the universe. But if a human never thinks why he has been created by the Lord, what the goal of his life then he is no better than the animals.

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Monday, October 17

Mantra Healing

Mantra Healing, Heal Your Mind and Soul:

Revered Gurudev
Good health has different connotations for different individuals. For some, it might mean a strong constitution, for others it might denote physical strength and for yet another group it might signify beauty and handsomeness. No doubt each of these can be a reflection of good health, yet not in it’s entirely, for these are merely indicative of physical fitness.

Fitness of the body is however only a projection of inner balance. That’s why good rich food might well make one look stout, yet one’s face might still seem dull, one’s skin might appear lusterless and one might even be plagued by ailments. This means that just nourishing the body is not enough. One also has to nourish the mind and the soul, for once they are brimming over with joy and peace the outer appearance too shall be indicative of being in the pink.

Just as virus, bacteria or other alien influences tend to invade the physical body; the mind too is prey to tensions, worries, complexes, negative feelings, fears and passions. These only erode the calm and composure of the brain and lead to release of unwanted toxins and chemicals in the body that easily weaken one’s physical immunity. Thereafter it becomes very easy for virus or bacteria to attack our system and conquer it.

Yet if one could somehow know to purge the mind of all negative thoughts and feelings it would ever remain immersed in joy thus further bolstering the immune system of the body. And once one’s body is perfectly peaceful tensions, worries, depression won’t be able to create an imbalance.

One sure way of achieving this state is Sadhana which aims at inner balance. Actually inner and outer health cannot be segregated. They are linked to each other and outer is but a projection of the inner. Hence if somehow the inner state could be perfectly poised, automatically the outer would follow suit and one could overcome even the worst of maladies. The use of Sadhanas however does not undermine the benefits of medicines; instead it acts as a powerful supplement which catalyses and speeds up recuperation.

Sadhana means drawing on one’s will power and concentrating it through Mantra recital. This results in a flood of Praannic (Soul) energy that tends to purge the mind and body of all disturbances and sets the recovery mechanism into action. Regular and continuous use of Mantra Power soon rejuvenates the entire system thus leading to a radiating, robust physique. Mantra Power aims at the root and its belief is – cure the mind and the body shall follow suit. If used properly, with full devotion and enthusiasm it can help deracinate the worst of ailments.

The ancient texts are full of rituals and Mantras for combating various diseases. Worship of a different deity is prescribed for overcoming each particular ailment. But many of these Sadhanas are tough and it’s a lot to expect of an ailing person to sit for hours in Sadhana. Is then there some easy way?

There sure is and Tantra prescribes a very quick acting and powerful Sadhana that amazingly can work wonders in all physical disorders and illness. This healing Sadhana combines the power of four deities – Lord Shiva, Goddess Mahakali, Lord Bhairav and Lord Hanuman – for ages worshipped for riddance from ailments and evil influences. This makes this ritual all the more efficacious and unfailing.

On any Tuesday night after 9 pm the ailing person should sit for Sadhana facing South on a red mat. Before himself he should place a Bajranga Bigraha on a wooden seat covered with red cloth. He should light an oil lamp. Next he should take 21 seeds of Chirmi in his hand and move them around his head. These he should then put aside and throw them in the South direction from his house after that night’s Sadhana is over. Thereafter with a Red Coral rosary he must chant 5 rounds of the following Mantra with full concentration.

Mantra: Om Shreem Hreem Ayeim Phat

This ritual must be repeated on three consecutive Tuesdays and if performed with devotion very soon wonderful results manifest. On the very first Tuesday one feels a surge of rejuvenating energy in the body that not just stills the mind but also makes one feel physically stronger. After Sadhana wear the rosary around your neck. This shall further speed up recovery. After 30 days of completion of Sadhana, throw the rosary and Bajranga Vigraha in a river or pond. The value of this Sadhana is not just in banishing diseases but also in maintaining good health. Hence one should try this ritual at least once every year with a fresh set of Sadhana articles.

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