।। श्री गुरु चरण कमलेभ्यो नम: ।। ॐ परम तत्वाय नारायणाय गुरुभ्यो नम: ।। ॐ ह्रिं मम प्राण देह रोम प्रतिरोम चैतन्य जाग्रय ह्रीं ॐ नम: || ॐ भुर्भुव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धिमही धियो योन: प्रच्योदयात|| गुरु वाणी: Such thoughts are missing in animals, birds and insects. Even gods and demons do not think thus. This is why humans are said to be the most unique in the universe. But if a human never thinks why he has been created by the Lord, what the goal of his life then he is no better than the animals.

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Monday, October 24

Saundarya Upasana Siddhi Sadhana Prayog

Saundarya Upasana Siddhi Sadhana Prayog:

Joy of Beauty!
Shree Krishna
Over a score of ancient spiritual treaties and texts make a fleeting reference to a unique ritual that could be suffixed to any Sadhana for assuring success in winning over the grace of gods and goddesses and the various deities. Yet in spite of its magnificent boons no text details its procedure.

However the Tantra branch believes not in keeping things under cover and several Tantra texts have revealed this much sought after Sadhana besides enumerating its numerous benefits. Six of the following have been unanimously accepted.
  • This ritual is an unfailing magnet to draw gods, goddesses and other divine beings. Any Sadhana preceded by Saundarya Upasana Prayog assures Darshan or manifestation of the concerned deity. This can in fact as a master key to all Siddhis – whether it is of Mahavidyas, malefic planets, ferocious deities like Bhairav or gentle ones like Ganapati, Lakshmi or Saraswati.
  • As in the spiritual realms this Sadhana proves equally wondrous in the mundane sphere. For one in love it comes as a miraculous means of achieving success in wooing one’s sweetheart. Winning over seen a stranger, allaying differences between lovers, revitalizing an old tepid relation, and cheering up a sulking partner are amazing results that can be worked through Saundarya Upasana Prayog.
  • The ritual can also act as a sweetener for soured marital relations. Marriages on the verge of collapse can be resuscitated and a wayward spouse can be brought back to the right track. Other family problems too can be solved as effectively e.g. steering one’s study-wise weak child on to the path of hard work, getting the right partner for one’s son or daughter etc.
  • As a banisher of ailments, evil, ill health and malefic effects of planets too the Sadhana is nonpareil. One could thus lead a more beautiful, happy and peaceful life through the benefic effect of this Prayog.
  • Beauty, grace, well balanced physique; magnetic looks are the next set of boons of this Sadhana. It works equally well for all sorts of beauty marring defects e.ge being overweight, under weight or having dry skin, life less hair, sparkles face and eyes etc. For beauty conscious males and females, Saundarya Upasana Prayog is truly out of the world boon.
  • Success in life ventures too could be assured by this Sadhana, for it bestows upon the Sadhak a unique magnetic personality that comes in equally handy whether one is a business man, lawyer, political leader, official, teacher or doctor. None is then able to resist one’s charms or deny any favor. Even enemies wilt like delicate flowers before one’s sun like powerful presence.

Each word of what these Tantra scriptures claim is true and their veracity has been proved time and again through the bewildering experiences of the Sadhaks and disciples to whom Revered Gurudev gifted this Sadhana and who have tried it with unwavering faith and devotion.

This is a simple day ritual. The best day for it is Ekadashi (eleventh day of the lunar month) and the most propitious time is 7 to 10 pm or 5 to 8 am. Several Tantras also prescribe the new moon night for this ritual. And experience tells that choosing this night proves just as efficacious.

If one’s aim behind the accomplishment of this Prayog is subsequent success in some other Sadhana then one should include the picture of the deity concerned in this Sadhana too. If, for example, you are doing this ritual for later success in Lakshmi Siddhi then do so with picture of Lakshmi before you. If aiming at winning the heart of someone keep the other’s picture before yourself. But remember that you should be serious about the relation i.e. you wish to marry the person concerned. If your intentions are not pure do not expect any result.

For the Sadhana have a bath and wear clean clothes. Women should wear a Saari and men should opt for Dhoti. Cover a wooden seat with red cloth. On it place a clean plate. With a paste of vermillion draw the following Yantra on it.

Saundarya Upasana Durlabh Yantra
सौन्दर्य उपासना दुर्लभ यन्त्र
Saundarya Upasana Durlabh Yantra
On this inscription place a Saundarya Upasana Durlabh Yantra. On the Yantra place a Vaijayanti Siddha Gutika. Light a ghee lamp. Take a pledge thus – I do this Sadhana for fulfillment of this wish (Speak the wish). Next chant 11 rounds of this Mantra with Saundarya Rosary (Mala).

Mantra: Om Ayeim Ayeim Saundarya Pratyaksha Vasham Sammohayam Phat.

।।ॐ ऐं ऐं सौन्दर्य प्रत्यक्ष वशं सम्मोहयं फट्।।

After Sadhana tie the Yantra, Gutika and rosary in the red cloth and throw them in a river or pond.

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