।। श्री गुरु चरण कमलेभ्यो नम: ।। ॐ परम तत्वाय नारायणाय गुरुभ्यो नम: ।। ॐ ह्रिं मम प्राण देह रोम प्रतिरोम चैतन्य जाग्रय ह्रीं ॐ नम: || ॐ भुर्भुव: स्व: तत्सवितुर्वरेण्यं भर्गो देवस्य धिमही धियो योन: प्रच्योदयात|| गुरु वाणी: Such thoughts are missing in animals, birds and insects. Even gods and demons do not think thus. This is why humans are said to be the most unique in the universe. But if a human never thinks why he has been created by the Lord, what the goal of his life then he is no better than the animals.

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Wednesday, October 5

Shiva Tantra Sadhana for Power and Position

Shiva Tantra Sadhana for Power and Position:

Lord Shiva
Wealth is no doubt important in life but wealth alone cannot satisfy a human being. After his desire for wealth is satisfied he wishes for power, position and respect in his life. He wishes for recognition in the society and in the field of his work. Without these elements there in his life even the richest person feels dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

There are many people in the world who have all the money they desire. They are fabulously rich and well off. They have land, property, vehicles and all one could ask for. But still, they have a deep longing to be recognized, to be special, to stand out in the crowd. And money or wealth sure cannot buy them uniqueness, fame and recognition.

This desire to be famous, to rise to high positions is in fact a wish that one’s efforts be appreciated, one’s skills be praised and one’s hard work and perseverance be awarded. This could come in the form of an award, a citation, and rise to a position of eminence or if one is in job in the form of promotion. Such a rise in status and position not just helps in satisfying one’s desire to be eminent but also boosts one’s confidence and thus enables one to perform better and higher in the future.

Not all people are lucky enough to have one’s greatness noticed and appreciated. Most of the times one might try one’s level best, yet fame and recognition fail to fall into one’s lap. Then there might be the case of opponents preventing one’s progress to the top. In all such cases efforts seem futile and then slowly frustration and desperation start to set in. One is in fact forced to lead a life far from the limelight of success and recognition.

But even in such a situation one need not be desperate, for the ancient scriptures suggested very powerful Sadhanas that could help one fulfill one’s desires. Among all such Sadhanas is a Tantra Sadhana of Lord Shiva that has been specially devised to bring fame and recognition in one’s life. Whoever has tried this powerful ritual has had amazing results and more than one’s share of fame.

If you wish for power or want to be a celebrity, or desire status and high position in the society this is the very effective ritual for you. You might be in any field – Politics, Movies, Education, Law, Medicine, Engineering, or any other through this Sadhana you could have your efforts recognized.

It is best to start with Pad Sammaan Pradaayak Sadhana (Sadhana for earning fame, position and respect) on a Monday, early before sunrise. Early morning have a bath and wear fresh white clothes. Sit on a white mat facing east. Cover a wooden seat with white cloth. Then in a copper plate place Shiva Yantra. Light a ghee lamp. Offer white flowers, vermillion, and rice grains on Yantra. Then take water in the right palm and pledge thus – I (Speak your name) am doing this Sadhana for gaining fame and high position in my life.

Then let the water flow to the floor. Next chant one round of Guru Mantra and seek the blessings of Sadgurudev for success in the Sadhana. Always remember that no matter which Sadhana you are trying, without grace of Guru, success can never be attained. And if you have a full devotion in the Guru he can assure success even if there creep in inadvertent flaws in your Sadhana. Thereafter chant just one round of this Mantra with Sampad rosary.

Mantra: Om Hreem Shreem Sampat Shiv Prabhavaayei Namah

Do this daily for 21 days. On the 22nd day drop the Yantra in a river or pond. Wear the rosary for 45 days around the neck and then drop it into the river or pond.

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